Energy-saving solutions in the home – payback time infographic

Payback time for easy energy-saving solutions in the home are really quick – as our new infographic shows.

It takes only a few simple changes to ensure that you can cut your energy and water bills which will give you a full return on your outlay in a little more than a year. Then you go on saving money year after year – around £720 annually for a typical 3-bedroom property.

Too many people are still wary of spending anything on energy saving and water saving solutions in the home, worried by confusing information from government and other organisations.

Payback times for things like new boilers and double glazing, for example, are actually much longer than those first advised a couple of years ago.

But the good news is that you can cut your household utility bills through small steps that make a big difference, with quick payback time.

These savings are achieved through fitting LED lighting that reduces electricity use by up to 85% and water saving products like eco showers, taps and tap aerators. These cut water use by as much as 60%, which also means reduced energy costs from heating and pumping. It also makes sense to invest in home insulation.

Energy-saving infographic



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