5 best energy saving lightbulbs

Switching to LED lightbulbs in your home will cost you 80% less than using traditional halogen and incandescent bulbs. Featuring innovative technology, LED bulbs run at a lower wattage, requiring less power to emit the same amount of light. This is great news for the planet and your wallet, helping you save money on your monthly bill. Plus, using less energy produces less carbon dioxide.

LED bulbs also feature instant light, unlike Compact Fluorescent Lamp (CFL) bulbs that were initially designed to replace traditional halogen and incandescent bulbs. CFLs require more energy because they take longer to produce a high amount of light. In addition, they have a shorter lifespan than LED, reducing their cost-effectiveness.

But with so much choice available, it can be challenging to find the perfect energy saving lightbulb for your home. That’s where we come in! We’ve sifted through all of the options to provide you with the 5 best energy saving lightbulbs – fit for your every room, fitting and shape needs.

The best LED light bulb: Philips CorePro LED Bulb

This LED lightbulb uses up to 80% less energy than traditional incandescent bulbs which equals instant savings for your wallet. Its unique design ensures that light radiates in all directions. This is ideal for environments that require 24/7 illumination. Additionally, it emits an instant warm white light that is UV and IR free – useful for environments that feature sensitive materials.

Philips is recognised as a global market leader in lighting and the design of this robust bulb ensures pretty much zero maintenance. This LED lightbulb is a B22 fitting, 8W and 806 lumens. In comparison, an 800-lumen incandescent bulb requires 60W so LED is a tremendous saving on your energy bills! Plus, its lifespan is 15,000 hours, promising many years of savings after the initial cost is repaid within a year.

Learn more about switching to LED.

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The best smart light bulb: Ledvance Smart+ LED Spotlight 

The best smart light bulbs bring practicality and convenience to your household as well as help you to save energy. This light bulb gives you complete freedom to light your home the way you want it through voice control and a mobile app. Plus, it’s compatible with all voice assistants such as Amazon Echo.

It uses up to 80% less energy compared to traditional light bulbs which is a massive winner considering the rising costs of living. The dimmable bulb with Wi-Fi gives off a warm white colour ideal for soft lighting spaces as it’s relaxing for your eyes.

The GU10 4.9W bulb emits 350 lumens. In comparison, a traditional incandescent bulb uses 25W to emit the same lumens. Halogen bulbs typically only last for 2,000 hours. In comparison, this LED bulb promises 20,000 hours of working life, so you won’t be in any hurry to replace this bulb – saving you more money in the long term.

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The best statement light bulb: Ledvance Vintage 1906 LED Filament Globe 

This dimmable, classic globe LED bulb is brilliant for creating generously warm light in your home, similar to a candle. Its warm glow and distinct shape is the best statement bulb – adding atmospheric lighting to spaces you want to be cosy and inviting after a long day at work.

Better yet, it features instant 100% light, requiring no time for warmup.

But the best part is that all of these features are eco-friendly! This 4.5W E27 LED bulb is a replacement for a 25W incandescent or halogen bulb, reducing your energy consumption and saving you money on your bills. Its 15,000 hours lifespan is a long-term investment, meaning you’ll need to replace your bulbs less frequently.

Another reason we love Ledvance bulb is that they share our passion for reducing landfill. All their LEDs come in fully recallable packaging and with no plastic in sight!

Not sure what a carbon footprint is? Learn more here.

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The best dimmable light bulb: Ledvance Retrofit Classic LED Filament Candle 

There are endless possibilities when it comes to lighting your home. Sometimes you’ll want bright lighting to wake you up and other times you’ll wish for warm cosy lighting to relax you. Dimmable LED bulbs make these transitions easy. The retrofit classic filament candle bulb emits a neutral and daylight hue, making it a great swap for your table lamps. It features innovative LED filament technology with design, shape and luminous flux just like a traditional bulb.

The frosted E14 4.5W bulb uses a small amount of energy, replacing 40W halogen and incandescent bulbs, reducing your carbon footprint and energy bills. What’s more, it will last for 15,000 hours, meaning you’ll be contributing less to landfill – a huge win for the planet. Additionally, it can be easily fitted instead of ordinary light bulbs so it’s truly no hassle to make this eco-friendly swap.

It also has 100% light with no warm up time, low thermal output and no UV and near-IR radiation in the light beam. We’re proud to offer all of these innovative features for only £2.95! You’ll be saving money and carbon dioxide in no time.

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The best vintage looking light bulb: Ledvance Vintage 1906 LED Filament Edison 

LED bulbs don’t have to be modern and boring, this LED bulb will transform your vintage lamp into the main feature of your decor. Adding a golden glow to your home, create a cosy and inviting atmosphere akin to a candle in the evenings. It has 100% instant light, no warm up time and reduces your overall energy consumption in an instant.

The 2.5W E27 bulb is a vintage replacement for a 22W incandescent or halogen bulb. Featuring a long lifespan of 15,000 hours – you won’t need to replace your bulb in a hurry which is good news for your wallet and the planet.

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Light up your home in an eco-friendly way

We’re all looking for ways to add some light to our homes and reduce our household bills. Switching to LED bulbs is the best way to achieve your goals!

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