3 reasons to install smart lighting in your office

The timeless phrase “good things come in threes” perfectly captures the top trio of reasons why you should install smart lighting in your office.

Never has there been a better time to invest in smart lighting. The Internet of Things – (Internet connectivity extended into physical devices and everyday objects)- has driven innovation and new solutions in this market.

The three big reasons for installing smart lighting in your office are:

  • Wellbeing of employees
  • Reduced energy costs
  • Employee productivity increases

Smart lighting in your office provides the perfect illumination for all areas, with you in control. A system that is well-designed will deliver light levels that are optimised and personalised for employees while ensuring safety and security.

Wellbeing of employees

It makes sound business sense to create the best working environment so that employees feel comfortable, and research shows that optimal conditions increase productivity and performance.

Paying attention to the wellbeing of employees helps to reduce absenteeism and generates a greater sense of work satisfaction with increased motivation, which also helps in staff retention. And all of this ultimately should increase company profits.

Employee productivity increases

Studies show that well-designed smart lighting in offices centred on delivering the best conditions contributes to employee wellbeing that has a significant effect on outputs, with increases of 4.5% in productivity.

The best quality and most suitable light for work tasks can improve cognitive performance, help people feel more energetic, increase alertness and help them remain focused and relaxed.

Energy savings

Office smart lighting also helps to optimise energy use with reductions of up to 90% in electricity consumption. This also ensures a rapid payback on initial investment, with ongoing savings. Smart lighting delivers maximum energy savings through schedules and motion and daylight sensing.

There are added business benefits too, such as helping to meet regulations while making the most of subsidies and incentives. With the current intense attention on the climate crisis, demonstrating a commitment to better energy efficiency thus reducing carbon emissions, feeds into social responsibility goals.

For many business owners, the move to smart lighting has in the past been hampered by cost and complexity, as well as disruptions to office processes during installation.

But with the new generation of solutions, such as Phillips Signify Interact Pro, these issues are resolved. Installation of the wireless system is easy and fast, minimising disruption and reducing initial costs.

Fast, intuitive, easy

Phillips Signify Interact Pro is fast, intuitive and easy to learn, with simple commissioning – ideal for small to medium-sized businesses. It provides easy maintenance through the online portal and comprehensive control is delivered through the intuitive dashboard and app.

With Interact Pro, business owners and employees can manage and automate fast light adaptation at their fingertips with the app. Owners can schedule lighting and lighting scenes via a smartphone as well as optimal conditions for rooms, create zones and schedule on/off/dim functions.

Interact Pro software benefits and features

Building automation

  • Occupancy sensing
  • Scheduling
  • Manual switch
  • Daylight sensing


  • Perfect dimming
  • Scene setting


  • Power reporting
  • Remote diagnostics

Along with flexible and simple customisation and setting various user rights, the system also provides essential energy consumption feedback on the app or dashboard for further action and cost monitoring.

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