10 ways to enjoy Christmas leftovers

Ask anyone the best thing about Christmas and they’ll most likely tell you – it’s the food! We tend to go above and beyond and always end up with leftovers. That’s not a bad thing, as long as we use them all up. Whether it’s Christmas pudding, redcurrant jam or sprouts, it can all be given a new lease of life for you to enjoy during those chilly evenings.

Discover our favourite top 10 Christmas leftover recipes.

Devilled Turkey  

Got lots of Christmas turkey leftover? This recipe is super easy using staples from your kitchen cupboards. And, it’s delicious. You can serve it with anything you fancy – homemade chips or leftover salad or winter vegetables. All you’ll need is mustard, Worcester sauce, chutney, lemon and salt and pepper to season! Simply mix to create a paste and pop it in the grill. Discover the full recipe from The Master Chefs here. 

Pear and Christmas pudding chocolate sundae 

A boozy sundae? Count us in! If you didn’t manage to eat all of your Christmas pudding, mix it with ice cream and you’ve got yourself a new dessert. You can add any of your favourite garnishings like chocolate sauce, nuts and liqueur. Check out this Christmas cake sundae finished with homemade chocolate orange sauce and toasted chopped hazelnuts.


The ultimate toastie 

Cheese toasties are the ultimate comfort food during those chilly days. Get your leftover Christmas cheese and thick slices of gammon or ham, and build a toastie to your taste using your favourite condiments. Fancy eating this on the go during a winter walk? Use the BEE Zero Waste beeswax wrap to keep it fresh.

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Nourishing red cabbage, cauliflower and coconut dahl 

If your body is craving some good nourishing food after an indulgent weekend, this dahl recipe will cure your insides. Using leftover vegetables, you’ll also need some spices, a lime, stock and lentils. It’s so easy, all you have to do is roast your veggies and fry your spices and lentils to create this citrus bowl of goodness. Find the full recipe here. 

Indulgent cheeseboard macaroni cheese 

Hosting cheese and wine dinner parties this festive season? There’s only one way to use up all of the little leftovers – with pasta. It’s the easiest recipe on the internet, just make your creamy cheese sauce, season and mix it with macaroni. Find the quick and easy recipe for lazy evenings here.


Jo Wicks turkey bubble & squeak 

This take on traditional bubble and squeak is surprisingly healthy, using leftover Christmas meat and veggies. You’ll need parsnips, potatoes, Brussels sprouts, an egg, seasoning and cranberry sauce to serve. It’s a great high-protein option if you’re getting out and about in the fresh air. Check out the recipe. 

Wholesome leftover turkey Shepards pie 

Enjoy a Christmas spin on this traditional dish in sustainable style. It’s a great way to batch cook leftover turkey and mashed potatoes. Find the recipe here. And to store those second leftovers for those January blues evenings where you just can’t be bothered to cook, Stasher bags are lifesavers.

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Brussels sprout stir-fry 

If you overestimated how many people like Brussels spouts around your dinner table (don’t worry, we’ve all been there) this flavoursome stir-fry recipe with paneer and coconut only takes 20 minutes. Serve with rice or flatbreads for some extra yumminess. Read the recipe here. 

Moreish pigs in blankets traybake 

If pigs and blankets are your favourite Christmas treat, this recipe is for you! Packed with festive flavours such as brie, redcurrant jelly, sweet potatoes and bacon-wrapped chipolatas, you’ll want this all year round. Discover the full recipe for easy weekday dinners in December.


Waitrose chocolate and hazelnut brownies 

It always seems like a good idea to receive chocolate for Christmas but by the end of the day, you wonder how you’ll ever use it all up. Brownies, brownies, brownies – is always the answer. These gooey brownies contain hazelnuts (although you can skip this step) and sea salt flakes for a subtle kick. View the recipe from Waitrose here. 

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