10 Tips on How to Save Energy in Your Home

hansgrohe and the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) have provided several tips to enable us all to reduce our energy usage and save money and ten of these tips are shown below.

1. Replace your light bulbs with energy efficient LED bulbs; they last longer and will cut the cost of your electricity bill.

2.  Turn down your thermostat by just a degree and slash 10% off the energy used in heating your home.

3.  For a full bath, you need about 140 litres of water. Showering, however, consumes far less water (although power showers should be avoided if possible), particularly when using a hansgrohe eco shower head that utilises EcoSmart technology to mix water with air to reduce water consumption.  The most economical shower is the Crometta 85 Green, which uses only 6 litres of water per minute and all other shower heads (handheld, fixed and rain head) within the EcoSmart range reduce water flow to 9 litres per minute.  This results in an annual saving of £150 to £300 for a family of four.

4.  Turn off your electrical appliances (DVDs, mobile phone chargers, TVs, computers, stereos) at the wall.  Every year the country spends £730m on appliances being left on standby.

5.  Run your fridge at between 3-5°C. 6.  Turn down the hot water to 60°C.

7.  Fit a tap aerator to your existing taps to enable you to wash and rinse as normal but use up to 60% less water. These low cost devices are very easy to retrofit and restrict the flow of water from taps without reducing water pressure or affecting the wash and rinse effect.

8.  Domestic appliances like washing machines and dishwashers also use a considerable amount of water. When buying new appliances, ensure that you always pay attention to their energy efficiency class and try to choose a model of class A, or, even better, A+ or A++.

9. Set your washing machine to 30-40°C and try to dry your clothes naturally.

10.  Don’t let the water run when washing your hands, brushing your teeth or shaving. Depending on your mixer, you lose about 5 to 20 litres of water this way – per minute. Turn off the water in the meantime or use a glass of water for brushing your teeth. For a wet shave, it is sufficient to fill the basin with a small amount of water before starting to shave.

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