10 Considerations when buying an eco shower head

Here are our top ten things to consider before you buy an eco-shower head.

This article is part our ‘10 Considerations’ series to help you understand what distinguishes quality products from poor products, and what questions to ask yourself before going ahead with a purchase.

We are also happy to help over the phone on 0333 123 5464.

1. Overhead or handheld?

Your current shower will be either overhead or hand held and you will be looking for ways to cut your water consumption without affecting quality of showing experience.

You might have a strong preference however and be thinking of changing so you might want to take the opportunity to switch to what you prefer – overhead or handheld. And that means considering plumber’s charges and the cost of any additional parts before you commit.

2. How often is it used?

Switching to an environmentally friendly shower is almost always better for the environment even if the shower is only used lightly. If the shower is only used rarely though, justifying the purchase with future savings can be harder.

Consider how many people use the shower daily. An average shower is roughly 6 minutes. Multiply this by the number of people using it and you have your typical daily usage. You can use this on our products pages to work out your savings estimate.

3. How long is the shower on for at a time?

Although 6 minutes is the average figure, before you use that figure think about whether your situation is different. If you suspect it is then time yourself during your next shower and see how it compares. The more accurate your data is the more accurate your savings estimate will be.

4. What’s my current flow rate?

Get hold of one of our flow bags, available here, and determine your current flow rate.

Traditional showers can run as high as 20 or more litres per minute. There is a large potential saving if this is true for you.

Then use this information on the savings calculator on our product pages to get a realistic figure for your potential savings.

5. What new flow rate can I buy?

hansgrohe’s range of EcoSmart showers are mostly 9 litres per minute. Our most popular, the Croma 100 Vario, runs at 9 litres per minute.

This is true for all of our range apart from the Crometta 85 Green, which runs at 6 litres per minute. The Crometta range will provide the biggest savings, but some find it a little too restrictive. If you’re not fussy and you want the best savings then this is the shower head for you.

6. Savings

Once you’ve worked out your current usage, discovered your current flow rate, and decided on your preferred shower head, it is easy to discover your savings.

Simply go to the page for the shower head you want to buy and the new flow rate will already be included in the savings calculator. Add your daily usage, and your current flow rate, then you will find an accurate indication of your potential savings.

We find that our customers get a return on their investment very quickly with the water products we stock. This can be as little as one month! After that you are making money each month.

7. Brands

We only stock hansgrohe shower heads. Our installation team handle thousands of units each year and have told us hansgrohe is a cut above. We want nothing but the best for our customers and so we only sell the best.

Make sure you understand the benefits you’re missing out on before you go for that cheaper, off-brand, product.

8. Warranty

The biggest plus when buying genuine hansgrohe products is the manufacturer 5 year warranty.

Rest assured that your product is protected by the covenant of a global brand, whose dedicated customer services team will not quibble should you have a problem.

9. Accessories

One of the many benefits of buying hansgrohe is the wide array of accessories in their family of products.

Precision manufactured in Germany, you can rest assured that their products are built to last and they are drawn-up by leading bathroom designers.

Complement your shower head with elegant accessories, instead of making do with a cobbled together range of bathroom accessories.

10. Spare parts

hansgrohe’s commitment to minimising waste also means they have an extensive range of spare parts.

hansgrohe stock spare parts for at least 10 years after a product is discontinued. That means you can save money by buying inexpensive spares rather than buying whole products when something goes wrong. It also means your environmental credentials are bolstered as you keep otherwise perfectly good products out of landfill.

As an authorised distributor of hansgrohe products we can source any of their products or spare parts, we also list spares here.




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