As a Warehouse Manager, you are faced with the challenge of managing overheads, maximising profits and being environmentally friendly without compromising your facility’s productivity. The quality and type of lighting you have has a big influence on this, especially if operating 24/7.

Our LED lighting solutions will give you peace of mind. We not only make sure your lighting is exactly what you need but also delivers return on investment and savings while considering compliance, health & safety and productivity.

Warehouses are typically high buildings with limited natural lighting and they contain high shelving structures for storage with narrow aisles to optimise storage solutions. Workers operate in these aisles with forklifts, which means the lighting must be able to light the aisles without impacting worker safety.

SaveMoneyCutCarbon are experts in partnering with the warehouse and distribution sector to reduce their electricity consumption, improve operations and improve productivity by reducing the complexity of achieving sustainability with full package solutions in LED lighting, from survey, supply and design to install.

Our work in the warehouse sector includes ongoing energy-saving projects with Greene King and we have completed a vast array of projects for global companies with savings that are proven over time.

For your warehouse project, we can offer the following end-to-end service:

  • Full savings surveys
  • Detailed opportunity reports
  • Specifying best products from leading manufacturers
  • Creating investment-ready proposals
  • Funding options
  • Managing installation
  • Flexible installation times
  • Reduced maintenance costs

We Can Improve Your Warehouse Lighting and Reduce Energy By...

Best of Brands

SaveMoneyCutCarbon only works with market-leading trusted brands in LED lighting. We have direct partnerships with our suppliers, giving us access to the widest range of products at the best prices which means our customers always get the best value for high-quality products.

Additionally, our suppliers back their high-quality products with long warranties for further peace of mind.

Lighting Controls

As warehouses have long operational hours with only certain areas in use at any one time, the opportunity for energy use reduction and savings is substantial.

LED lighting has been proven to reduce electricity use by up to 80%, especially when combined with lighting controls for zoning, scheduling, motion detection, or even remote management which creates even more opportunities for energy savings and can drastically improve operations with the lights only in use when required.

Reduced Maintenance

As LED lighting lasts much longer with no requirement to replace bulbs, costs and maintenance work are considerably reduced, which is ideal for warehouses with hard-to-access areas and 24/7 operation. It avoids disruption to the staff using the warehouse but also reduces the burden to maintenance teams making operations smoother and less costly.

Superior Quality

LED lighting is far superior in quality compared to traditional sources. The light output remains stable over the lifetime of the lamps, ensuring high quality illumination is always achieved.

LED also has less glare than traditional lighting, which is particularly important for warehouses with the need for operators to look up when organising goods at height.

Health and Safety

Warehouses tend to use SON or Metal Halide luminaires, which use a lot of electricity and deteriorate quickly, leaving highly discoloured lighting or failed lamps. This can make warehouses unsafe, with dark shadows and low visibility. LED lighting eradicates this problem with long-lasting, uniformed clear white light that outlasts traditional lighting by a factor of three.

LED lighting also dissipates less heat than traditional lighting and doesn’t contain mercury or UV, which avoids adding further dangerous chemicals or heat to the warehouse. Brighter, high quality LED lighting also helps security teams to maintain visibility in the warehouse and keep storage as well as staff safe.

Reduced Maintenance

As LED lighting is highly durable and can withstand shock and vibration, it is perfect for warehouses where machinery or forklifts are in constant use.

The reduced maintenance ensures that there is less disruption to staff and the better visual conditions have proven to improve worker concentration and productivity.

Sustainable Lighting

As well as the energy saving, maintenance reduction and improved operations benefits, changing out your energy-hungry fittings with LED lighting will drastically help reduce your carbon footprint, which may be a priority for you with the pressure on businesses to become greener!

Are you looking to upgrade the lighting in your Warehouse? Below, is a selection of our lighting range most suitable for Warehouses.
“We had been planning the full refit of our lights for a couple of months and having chosen SaveMoneyCutCarbon the fitting team were with us for a couple of weeks before Christmas."

“They were able to come in after the school activities had finished in the afternoon. The Team were very amenable to working around any occupational restrictions we had with clubs and so on.They were a cheerful bunch and left the school tidy everyday with the furniture returned to its usual positions.There were a few changes to the fittings etc. that were noted during the fitting from the original survey and these were put in place without any problems."

Martin Blake, Business Manager at Nicholas Hawksmoor

“LEDs were the next logical step after our earlier lighting improvements but we could not at first secure the budget, given other pressing curriculum needs. However, we worked through the Diocese with SaveMoneyCutCarbon to take the opportunity to apply for Salix funding and the whole process went pretty smoothly."

"Overall, the standard of work from SaveMoneyCutCarbon was impressive. After SaveMoneyCutCarbon secured the interest-free loan, they moved very quickly to install the LED lighting, ensuring that the work was completed during the summer holidays, which was excellent. The early impressions of the new lighting are very positive, particularly in the library area and staff room. I’m sure we will see more benefits as the winter draws in.”

Anthony Murray, Head Teacher, St Bede’s

“The installation team was very professional and the managers responded positively to requests for changes as the project was delivered."

"There was a strong business case for choosing LED lighting and we’re looking forward to reduced costs over many years.The lighting is much improved, a lot brighter and clearly better quality, which I’m sure we’ll notice even more as winter draws in.”

Beverley O’Shea, Business Manager, Bishop Challoner School

LED lighting and lighting controls certainly ticks the boxes and is really is a sound investment that simplifies carbon reduction."

"Lighting controls in particular are a great asset as it is difficult to rapidly change people’s attitudes to switching off lighting."

John Tucker, Facilities Manager, Menzies Distribution

"This is the very latest technology in LED lighting as used at the Olympics and allows us to control the lights across the park using wireless technology directly from my PC or even an iPhone."

"We can create amazing effects in seconds."

Adam Garton, Technical Manager, Fantasy Island

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