Educational establishments have demanding budgets. As a headteacher you face the challenge of keeping costs to a minimum while ensuring operations are optimised, the learning environment is enhanced, and safety isn’t compromised.

Our work in the public sector, particularly schools, includes energy-saving projects with Eton College and we have completed a vast array of projects for global companies with savings that are proven over time.

In Learn&Save for Schools you’ll find dedicated resources including information on how to reduce your bills, case studies and best practice advice specific to the education sector.

Lighting can have detrimental effects on young people’s concentration and learning. It is therefore imperative that the lighting is high-quality, sustainable and cost-effective.

Our LED lighting solutions will give you peace of mind – we not only make sure your lighting is exactly what you need but also ensure return on investment and savings while considering compliance, health and safety and learner experience.

SaveMoneyCutCarbon are experts in partnering with schools to help reduce their energy bills, make maintenance less of a burden and improve learning environments with full package solutions in LED lighting; from supply, design to install.

For your school project, we offer the following:

  • 0% interest public sector financing
  • Technical surveys to identify savings opportunities
  • Trusted brands with a range of proven products
  • Flexible installation times – we work with you
  • Fully qualified and DBS-checked technicians
  • Full project management – we take care of everything

We Can Improve Your Schools Lighting and Reduce Energy By...

Best of Brands

SaveMoneyCutCarbon only works with market-leading trusted brands in LED lighting. We have direct partnerships with our suppliers, giving us access to the widest range of products at the best prices which means our customers always get the best value for high-quality products.

Additionally, our suppliers back their high-quality products with long warranties for further peace of mind.

Product Range

We offer a full range of products for all types of school applications whether you need lighting for reception areas, offices or classrooms. Within each specific range we can offer choices on colour temperature, wattage, lumens and fitting type.

We also ensure your products are compliant, which for schools means providing anti-glare products which are UGR<19.

We guarantee that you will always find the most suitable product for your application.

Energy Saving

As schools face stringent budgets, the first place to consider savings is reducing energy use. By deploying energy efficient LED lighting in replacement of traditional light sources, schools can save up to 80% on electricity bills.

The savings you make can be reinvested into the school to enhance the learning environment.

Superior Quality

Schools require high-quality lighting that keeps children and young individuals motivated and alert. Traditional lighting deteriorates quickly, leaving discoloured and uneven lighting that can be a distraction to staff and schoolers. It can also cause fatigue as well as being a drain on resources.

LED lighting is far superior to traditional lighting, providing a brighter and higher quality light which creates even and consistent lighting for pupils and staff. LED lighting output remains stable over the lifetime of the lamps ensuring no discolouring or deterioration.

Lower Maintenance

Unlike traditional lighting, LED lighting has a long lifetime and doesn’t require frequent lamp changes, which substantially reduces the burden and cost of maintenance works.

It also avoids disruption to staff and pupils from maintenance workers which aids a pleasant learning environment. It also adds further savings that can be put back in to school.

Health and Wellbeing

Poor and inefficient lighting has negative effects on mood and wellbeing of pupils and staff. LED lighting ensures pupils and staff can carry out activities efficiently without straining their eyes. LED lighting can enhance the wellbeing of pupils and staff by creating reassuring and relaxing environments with the use of ambient lighting.

As LED lighting can render colours much better than traditional lighting, natural daylight can be simulated to support pupil’s concentration, mood and motivation. It also helps staff to concentrate and be more productive, further enhancing the learning environment in your school.


SaveMoneyCutCarbon specialises in assisting schools and other public-sector organisations receive 100% interest free loans from Salix Finance for energy efficiency projects.

Our in-house experts can prepare all the paperwork and fully manage the project on your behalf and are experienced in running successful applications to make the most of the available funds.

Are you looking to upgrade the lighting in your school? Below, is a selection of our lighting range most suitable for an education environment.
“This was a particularly challenging project as the showers and taps hadn’t been upgraded since the building was opened years ago. We also found and fixed a number of inherent leaks that should improve savings even further."

“The bathrooms look much nicer for guests and the cost of the new showers and taps is covered fully by the energy and water savings they deliver. Further cost savings come from reduced maintenance and replacement needs, with the 5-year Hansgrohe guarantee of quality manufacture.My four-man team completed the project on time in the four days allocated with little or no disturbance to the running of the motel.”

Rowan Chappell, SaveMoneyCutCarbon Field Service Lead Technician

“We worked closely with the hotel management to ensure that the LED retrofit went according to plan without affecting the guests."

"As with any big project, there were challenges but our experience in this area ensured that problems were resolved and the work was completed on time to the highest standards.”

Chris Cliffe, SaveMoneyCutCarbon Field Service lead technician

“Our whole business focus is on reducing complexity, making things as easy and effective as possible. This extends beyond our energy and water-saving work into corporate responsibility and training.”

"The FCC Environment video is an excellent example of how we blend creativity with highest standards of professional production to help organisations achieve their goals."

Mark Sait, CEO SaveMoneyCutCarbon

“This was a large scale project and we used our extensive experience of managing LED retrofits nationally to ensure that there were no logistical problems."

"We also needed to work flexibly to ensure that the smooth running of the hotel was not disrupted while making sure we were invisible to the guests.”

Unai Fuertes, SaveMoneyCutCarbon Field Service Lead Technician

“We had been planning the full refit of our lights for a couple of months and having chosen SaveMoneyCutCarbon the fitting team were with us for a couple of weeks before Christmas.They were able to come in after the school activities had finished in the afternoon. The Team were very amenable to working around any occupational restrictions we had with clubs and so on."

“They were a cheerful bunch and left the school tidy everyday with the furniture returned to its usual positions.There were a few changes to the fittings etc. that were noted during the fitting from the original survey and these were put in place without any problems."

Martin Blake, Business Manager at Nicholas Hawksmoor

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