4 clear reasons why businesses should generate their own electricity

More than one in three UK businesses now produce at least some of their own electricity according to a recent Economist report. Here are four key reasons why.

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Providing a well-lit environment for children at school

Fluorescent lighting in schools is more than just an irritation – it can be a serious issue for those with autism, epilepsy and migraine sufferers.


Stop Blowing Money on Hand Drying!

Schools can make big savings in staff and pupil washrooms by investing in new and more efficient hand dryers. It makes no sense to keep blowing money from hard-pressed budgets on paper towel facilities or have faith in old and energy-guzzling hand dryers. School finances are under pressure like never...

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LED Lighting Jargon Buster for Schools

Struggling to sort out your ‘PARs’ from ‘PIR’ sensors? You will find the answer to these and much more in our handy guide to LED lighting jargon buster for schools.

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How to Light Larger Spaces in a School

Lighting larger spaces in schools is a complex task and requires careful attention to ensure all needs are met. The complexity stems from the fact that the larger areas such as assembly halls, sports halls, theatres and atriums, are frequently used for a number of different activities, occasionally at the...

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How to Get Funding for Your School’s Energy Saving Project

Here is a guide to the detailed application procedures for an interest-free Salix loan for funding your school’s energy-saving project.

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How to Create a Learner-Friendly Classroom with Lighting

It’s well understood that perception influences attitude and in the classroom that means a need to focus on lighting to ensure the most learner-friendly environment. By creating the ideal lighting conditions in the classroom, both pupils and teachers benefit in many ways – and the learning experience is more positive and...

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The 10 Best Ways to Save Water in Schools

Schools in the UK spend around £70 million a year on water but with careful management, this can be greatly reduced. Here are top 10 tips for better schools water management.

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10 Ways to Immediately Cut Electricity Bills in Your School

Electricity costs are continuing to rise and they take a big chunk out of your school budget so it is essential to find effective ways to reduce these bills to ease pressure and free up precious resources. Here are some practical and simple ways to get your school’s electricity bills...


A Guide to School Lighting Levels

Making sure that lighting levels in schools are exactly right is complex given the wide range of different areas and needs. The aim is for a perfect balance between design and functionality that provides a comfortable and stimulating environment for pupils, teachers and other staff.




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