Retail stores and showrooms rely on visual appeal to build their brand identity to attract, engage and retain a loyal customer base. It is therefore essential that the lighting provides a high standard of aesthetic design that enhances the store, encourages return customers and optimises operations while being cost-effective.

As a shop owner, your priority will be to maximise sales by providing the best experience to your customers. LED lighting can help you achieve this with engaging and interesting shop window displays, aisle lighting that enhances your products and light schemes that guide your customers through the store and personalise the customer experience.

In Learn&Save for Retail you’ll find dedicated resources including top tips, case studies and design ideas specific to the retail industry.

SaveMoneyCutCarbon lighting professionals have a wealth of experience with LED lighting for retail, backed by expertise from our vast array of project installations.

We can help you create the right atmosphere in your shop while reducing your electricity bills and improving your customer experience with full package LED solutions from initial survey, lighting design to installation.

By working with a well-known lighting partner, you can save time and costs that can be put back into your retail store. Our LED lighting solutions will give you peace of mind.

We not only make sure your lighting meets your needs and requirements but also ensure return on investment and savings while considering design, functionality and shopper experience.

We Can Improve Your Shop's Lighting and Reduce Energy By...

Best of Brands

SaveMoneyCutCarbon only work with market-leading trusted brands in LED lighting.

We have direct partnerships with our suppliers which provides us access to the widest range of products at the best prices which means our customers are always provided with the best value for high-quality products.

Our suppliers also back their high-quality ranges with long warranties for added peace of mind.

Product Range

SaveMoneyCutCarbon offer a full range of products for retail applications because we understand that all retail stores have different styles and concepts which require varied light sources. We supply and install popular retail lighting such as LED strip lighting, LED track lights, LED spotlights and LED feature lights.

We also offer bespoke lighting solutions and within each specific range we can provide choices on colour temperature, wattage, lumens and fitting type, guaranteeing that you will always find the most suitable product for your retail store.

High Colour Rendering (CRI)

CRI is simply a scale varying from 0 to 100 that describes how accurately colours appear under a light. The higher the number the better.

Retail stores need to display their products, whether it’s food, clothes or jewellery, to the highest aesthetic standard and true to colour, so they require a high colour rendering index. LED lights that are above a 95 CRI are best suited to these environments.

Energy Savings

The design element of a shop or showroom is highly influenced by lighting and therefore needs to be one of your main considerations when choosing the right lighting. The other is your energy use – inefficient light sources can be a drain on resources, not only in energy use and cost but also maintenance.

LED lighting can substantially reduce your electricity use when replacing traditional lighting while providing the same level of output and maintaining this output over the lifetime of the lamp. The costs you save go straight to your bottom line making your store more profitable.

Reduced Maintenance

As LED lighting lasts much longer with no bulb replacements required, maintenance work is considerably reduced, which is ideal for retail stores with hard-to-access areas and busy shop periods.

It avoids disruption to the customers using the shop but also reduces the burden to maintenance teams making operations smoother and less costly.


Displays in retail stores can regularly change and what one display may require in terms of lighting may differ to another display.

LED lighting is extremely flexible and can be adjusted easily, especially with products such as LED track lighting and LED strip lighting, so that you can set your displays exactly as required.

Superior Quality

LED lighting is far superior in quality to traditional lighting – ideal for retail stores that require high aesthetic standards, whereas traditional lighting easily discolours when it deteriorates,

LED lighting output and colour temperature remains consistent over the lifetime of lamps, which ensures your lighting is always bright and consistent.

No Harmful Ultraviolet

Unlike conventional lighting, LED lights do not contain UV or mercury which makes them safer for use in your retail store – ideal for areas where food and drinks may be on display.

LED lighting also emits less heat than traditional lighting, creating a more pleasant and safe environment in your store.

Lighting Controls

Lighting controls can add to the visual appeal of your retail store and improve the customer experience with options such as dimming and colour changing, or you can enhance displays or changing rooms with personalised lighting controls.

The additional benefit of lighting controls is that the lights can be scheduled to be in use only when required, which further saves energy use, reducing your costs and carbon emissions.

Are you looking to upgrade the lighting in your shop? Below, is a selection of our lighting range most suitable for a retail environment.