Office Space Lighting

Expert energy efficient product selections, whether retrofit or new installation will help you save on your energy bills. We have product options for all your needs including where there are IP rating, UGR and dimming consideration.

Corridor and Communal Area Lighting

Our energy efficient product selections will help to reduce your energy bills in areas that have unpredictable and high-volume traffic.

Exterior Lighting

We work with the best brands in this sector: Indo Lighting and Philips. Our selected products deliver intelligent and innovative solutions, which not only save you money on your energy and maintenance bills but also improve guest and staff safety.

Toilet Lighting

We can ensure all areas in your office are saving you money with our vapour proof LED solutions for toilets.

Loomis UK

Loomis saves over £4,000 a year with LED lighting - Payback in just two years for UK’s leading cash management specialist

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Northants Police

Northants Police save £18,500 a year with LED lighting and water efficiency solutions - Quality products & reduced utility bills means rapid ROI in under four years