Our LED lighting solutions will give you peace of mind. We not only make sure your lighting is sufficient for your needs and requirements but also ensure return on investment and savings while considering productivity, health and safety and staff satisfaction.

Organisations are continuously looking for ways to improve staff productivity and well-being, while maintaining focus on improving operations, energy savings and optimising work environments. LED lighting can help you achieve this as well as support your sustainability goals.

The quality of lighting in the workplace is one of the biggest influences on performance. According to the Carbon Trust, 80% of our sensory input at work comes through our eyes. Therefore, when considering energy efficient measures, high-quality lighting is essential.

In Learn&Save for offices you’ll find dedicated resources including top tips, case studies and current legislation specific to the industry.

SaveMoneyCutCarbon are experts in partnering with organisations to reduce energy bills, improve operations and reduce maintenance, making this an easy task with full package LED solutions from survey, lighting design to install.

For your office project, we offer the following:

  • Identifying savings opportunities
  • Specifying best products from leading manufacturers
  • Creating investment-ready proposals
  • Funding options
  • Managing your installation

We Can Improve Your Office Lighting and Reduce Energy By...

Best of Brands

SaveMoneyCutCarbon only works with market-leading trusted brands in LED lighting. We have direct partnerships with our suppliers, giving us access to the widest range of products at the best prices which means our customers always get the best value for high-quality products.

Additionally, our suppliers back their high-quality products with long warranties for further peace of mind.

Energy Savings

Running your office is one of the major costs to your organisation and energy use is one of the highest expenses. There is a myth that not much can be done to reduce energy use in offices without encouraging staff to ‘switch off’ or ‘only use lights when needed’.

However, LED lighting in comparison to traditional lighting can reduce your electricity use by up to 80% without the burden of making it a manual task for staff. This reduced electricity usage cuts costs substantially, saving money that goes straight to your bottom line. Additionally, your carbon footprint is reduced helping you to meet energy use compliance and sustainability goals.

Reduced Maintenance

LED lighting has a long lifetime and doesn’t require frequent lamp changes which substantially reduces the burden and cost of maintenance works.

It also avoids disruption to staff from maintenance workers, which supports a comfortable and pleasant working environment.

Superior Quality

Traditional lighting such as fluorescents can cause eye strain, migraines and fatigue which is not practical for office environments.

LED lights provides brighter, quality lighting which is ideal for office environments – they open up space and create uniformed lighting that enables staff to work better. LED lighting also doesn’t flicker and produces less glare than traditional lighting.

Health and Safety

Unlike conventional lighting, LED lights do not use mercury or UV which not only makes them safer to use in your office but also more environmentally friendly.

As LEDs run at much lower temperatures there’s less chance of injury from contact with the light fitting and this also means that lights aren’t adding unnecessary heat into your office, contributing to a comfortable work environment.

Staff Wellbeing

The most expensive cost to your organisation is staff, so it’s in your organisation’s best interest to ensure they have a comfortable and pleasant work environment.

LED lighting creates a calm and pleasing atmosphere to work in – this boosts creativity, improves concentration and enhances productivity. As LED lighting can render colour much better than traditional lighting, natural daylight can be simulated to make your staff more alert and energised.

Lighting Controls

Lighting controls can help reduce your costs and carbon emissions even further by ensuring that lights are only in use when needed. Controls such as dimming, occupancy sensors, daylight sensors and smart scheduling controls can monitor and better manage lighting in all office areas.

Customisable lighting controls can also be offered for staff which further improves their work environment. And the biggest benefit is that staff won’t need to ever manually switch lights off! This combined with the reduced maintenance, improved health and safety, improved work environment and wellbeing amongst staff, optimises your office operations.

Are you looking to upgrade the lighting in your office? Below, is a selection of our lighting range most suitable for offices.