SaveMoneyCutCarbon are experts in partnering with the healthcare sector to reduce their energy consumption, improve operations and improve patient experiences by reducing the complexity of achieving sustainability with full package solutions in LED lighting from survey, supply, design to install.

Our LED lighting solutions will give you peace of mind:

  • We specify the perfect lighting for your requirements
  • We focus on return on investment and savings while considering compliance, health and safety and patient experience

Our work in the healthcare sector includes ongoing energy-saving projects with Addenbrooke’s Hospital and we have completed a vast array of projects for global companies with savings that are proven over time.

For your hospital project, we can offer the following end-to-end service:

  • Full savings surveys
  • Detailed opportunity reports
  • Specifying best products from leading manufacturers
  • Creating investment-ready proposals
  • Funding options
  • Managing installation
  • Proven products from trusted brands
  • Flexible installation times
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Fully qualified and DBS-checked technicians

We Can Improve Your Hospital's Lighting and Reduce Energy By...

Best of Brands

SaveMoneyCutCarbon only works with market-leading trusted brands in LED lighting. We have direct partnerships with our suppliers, giving us access to the widest range of products at the best prices which means our customers always get the best value for high-quality products and long warranties.

Energy Savings

Compliance with energy legislation on energy use as well as sustainability targets are a constant pressure. LED lighting can help you comply with this legislation and support your sustainability targets by reducing your electricity use by up to 80% when replacing traditional lighting.

Reduced Maintenance

Unlike traditional lighting, LED lighting has a long lifetime and doesn’t require frequent lamp changes which substantially reduces the cost and disruption of maintenance works.

Superior Quality

Hospitals require bright, high-quality lighting to ensure medical professionals can provide the best level of care to their patients. Traditional lighting deteriorates quickly leaving discoloured and uneven lighting while LED lighting output remains stable over the lifetime of the lamps ensuring uniformed bright lighting at all times. LED lighting operates quickly, being able to turn on and off instantly, so patients and staff suffer no delays waiting for lighting to come on.

Wellbeing of Patients and Staff

Poor and inefficient lighting has negative effects on mood and wellbeing of patients and staff. Dark, uneven lighting may encourage fear in patients and inefficient lighting may cause fatigue to staff as well as frustration if they can’t carry out their duties efficiently.

As LED lighting can render colours much better than traditional lighting, natural daylight can be simulated to support patients sleep, mood and recovery. It also helps staff to concentrate and be more productive, enhancing operations in your hospital.

Health and Safety

LED lighting doesn’t flicker, and the quality ensures that staff vision isn’t affected by lighting.

It also doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals such as mercury or emit radiation from UV or infrared, ensuring your hospital is a much safer environment for staff, visitors and patients.

Lighting Controls

Lighting controls can further enhance your hospital’s environment with the ability for you to control the lighting to staff or patient preferences.

They can also be used for zoning, scheduling, monitoring, dimming, motion detection or even remote management for further opportunities to improve operations and reduce energy costs.

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