Severe water shortages certain in England unless we take steps to use less

The head of the government Environment Agency has issued a stark warning on water shortages and urged businesses and households to cut usage. Time to Act Now!

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ROI – Invest in Eco for Big Long-term Savings

It might seem strange to view a lightbulb or a shower head as a long-term investment for the home but that’s what buying the right eco products means.

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Transform your kitchen with a boiling water tap

The boiling water tap is one or those rare technologies that quietly revolutionizes the way people work in their kitchens. It’s quickly becoming a must-have item in the home with the benefits, ease of use and overall aesthetic justifying the initial costs, balanced against energy and water-cost savings over the...

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How to choose LED Lighting for your home

Choosing LED lighting to replace old filament and halogen bulbs in your home is easy if you follow some simple steps. It’s true that the old days of buying a bulb based on the wattage, with higher watts delivering more brightness, meant that choice was not complicated. But now, with...

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30 Top Tips for Slashing Electricity Bills at Home

Electricity costs continue to rise and take a chunk out of the annual household budget so here are 30 top tips for slashing electricity bills at home.

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10 Essential Tips When Buying Eco Taps

You want to use less water and save money on your utility bills so an eco tap is the best way to go. Here are our 10 top tips to help you make the best choice.

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22 Ways to Conserve Water at Home

Whilst swapping from water to gin might be an attempt in the right direction, here’s a list of 22 smart ways to conserve your water consumption

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Halogen bulb ban helps households save energy and cut carbon

The halogen bulb ban has come into force this month to help people save energy and reduce carbon emissions. Across Europe, the move will encourage households and businesses to choose energy-saving LEDs to replace halogen bulbs.

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Urgent need to reduce water use even as the heatwave ends

As the long heatwave ends, the focus is on ways for homes and businesses to reduce water use and avoid future shortages.

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BBC Watchdog shows consumers simple energy and water savings

Tests by BBC consumer programme Watchdog shows people how easy it is to reduce energy and water bills. The programme is rightly focusing on the...

Cut consumption at homeEco ShowersEco TapsHomesLED LightingTap AeratorsTop tips to cut costs



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