22 Ways to Conserve Water at Home

Whilst swapping from water to gin might be an attempt in the right direction, here’s a list of 22 smart ways to conserve your water consumption

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Electric vehicle charging explainer – AC vs DC

One question that potential buyers of electric vehicles (EVs) often ask about is the difference between AC and DC charging – and which is best.

Transport and sustainability

10 things to consider when buying taps for your hotel

Fitting eco taps has clear benefits for hotels of all sizes. Here are our top ten points to consider before you buy taps for your hotel.

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Halogen bulb ban helps households save energy and cut carbon

The halogen bulb ban has come into force this month to help people save energy and reduce carbon emissions. Across Europe, the move will encourage households and businesses to choose energy-saving LEDs to replace halogen bulbs.

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Urgent need to reduce water use even as the heatwave ends

As the long heatwave ends, the focus is on ways for homes and businesses to reduce water use and avoid future shortages.

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Video masterclass on saving energy and water in education sector

Saving energy and water in the education sector is a national priority – this video masterclass shows how to accomplish the greening of education..

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SaveMoneyCutCarbon – Cutting Our Personal Plastic Waste

As well as offering products like Grohe Blue Taps that help reduce plastic waste we also want to tell you about the ways the SaveMoneyCutCarbon team are reducing their own plastic waste.

Top tips to cut costs

SaveMoneyCutCarbon Team’s Top Waste Reduction Tips

As a sustainable green company, we like to practice what we preach and reducing waste is something very close to our hearts.   We all...

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Types of Electric Vehicles (EVs)

Electric vehicles (EVs) are making a growing impact on the UK car market and there are three main types to choose from – extended range...

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BBC Watchdog shows consumers simple energy and water savings

Tests by BBC consumer programme Watchdog shows people how easy it is to reduce energy and water bills. The programme is rightly focusing on the...

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