“You can’t change what you can’t measure”

Our customers (both large and small) regularly ask us as to how they can really know the impact of the products that they choose to buy from us.

Whilst nobody can do everything, everybody can do something. Now, for the first time, Impact Statements make it possible to easily see the measurable effect your buying choices have in reducing energy, water and plastic usage, resulting in a smaller carbon footprint.

And the best bit? We can make a huge impact – just by making small changes, together.

Home Club Membership and Impact Statements

Home Club membership is underpinned by our unique Impact Statement Technology Platform. Everything is in one place, saving you time and money. And many products can be set as Regular, Reliable deliveries in a single box, reducing your carbon footprint even further.

People think going green costs more, but Home Club removes this barrier.

In addition to the unbeatable pricing, guaranteed, it’s as if every club member was allowed to buy directly from the manufacturer.

How do Impact Statements work?

For Businesses

The Impact Statement technology platform aggregates the savings your Club members make, linking the products they buy to the impact each product has; giving you meaningful and tangible measured data across energy, water, carbon & plastic for your (ESG) Environmental Social Governance reporting, green PR and organisational positioning.

Combine this with our easy to use, online shopfronts for consumers, trade and small businesses with our UK warehouse, five-star customer service, ongoing educational content, and you have a new opportunity to make a real impact for your staff, customers and the planet.

Impact Statements bring a unique opportunity to use your organisation’s voice and reach to start a bigger journey that will make a real difference.

For Communities

While big organisations often think about it, smaller community groups get on and do it. Whether it’s planting trees locally or collecting litter, they’re making a difference.

They’re often high on ambition, but low on resource.

The combination of Home Club and our Impact Statements platform creates a way for individuals within a group to change their own buying behaviour and save money, whilst collectively using their Community Impact Statement, to see the combined difference they’re all making. You can even customise your community’s Impact Statement dashboard.

For Individuals

Your Impact Statement shows you a simple dashboard of the savings you’re making as a Home Club member. It links to the unique pricing you receive on every product you buy. Many Home Club members save more than their membership with every order, which is captured in their dashboard, while also showing the positive impact each product has.

Many Home Club members are making savings of a whopping £700 a year. How?

Because they save money on the products they buy regularly and many of the products are proven to also reduce the energy and water they actually using, resulting in lowering utility bills. And every product makes you feel good because you know (and your dashboard shows you) that you and your family are doing your bit to save the planet.

ESG Contributions

Businesses need to provide metrics to demonstrate the results of their commitment to being Planet Positive as part of their ESG. This is particularly salient with regard to Scope 3 – it covers all other indirect emissions from activities of the business and is usually the greatest share of the carbon footprint.

Our Impact Statement technology provides businesses with measurable data which demonstrates the measurable impact their staff have had in making energy, water and plastic savings, resulting in a reduced carbon footprint.

Whether your staff are working from a boardroom or the spare bedroom, they’re all using resources which use energy, water and plastic, so it makes sense to document that usage and resulting savings at every opportunity.

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