The biggest saving is the kilowatt of energy you never use!

Maintaining prices as close to market rates as possible, you can access a secure sustainable energy supply designed to boost your credentials, from a stable, proven global energy supplier.

Fully Fixed

With costs set in stone from day one, better plan your budget and free yourself from the stresses of future rises in your energy prices. Find out more.

Energy only

Take control of your costs with fixed energy rates at wholesale prices, whilst taking advantage of fluctuations in non-commodity charges.

Hudson Flex

With complete access to the wholesale energy market, Hudson Flex delivers full visibility of your supply chain to increase agility and minimise your procurement costs.

Easy Flex

Access to wholesale commodity prices by purchasing energy in tranches at different times and market prices, before the start of your contract.

Energy Only

Transparency, freedom and flexibility with your energy costs

Are you a gas or electricity customer with an annual consumption between 1 and 100 GWh? Then  Energy Only is the product for you.

With Energy Only, you can take control of your costs with fixed energy rates at wholesale prices, while taking advantage of fluctuations in non-commodity charges.

Transparent, accurate costs

A simple and transparent rate structure that lets you pay outturn rather than forecast non-commodity costs.

Easy energy management

Align gas and electric contract end dates across all of your sites.

Flexible terms

The choice of contract lengths from 12 to 36 months.

Renewable energy

Be proud that gas and electricity is affordable and includes renewable options.

Fixed cost commodities

Enjoy the security of upfront fixed costs for your electricity and gas, with both the day and night periods billed at a pence per kilowatt-hour.

Flexible non-commodity costs

Only pay the market rate for all your non-commodity elements to benefit from falling future costs.

Fixed non-commodities

if price certainty is a concern for your business, Energy Only also comes with the option to fix upfront Distribution (DUoS) and Transmission (TNUoS) charges, giving you added peace of mind.

Is Energy Only for you?

Energy Only offers greater transparency, the freedom to lock in prices when they’re the most attractive, the ability to make savings on non-commodity
costs and to spread risk over a number of purchasing decisions.

If you also want to shift your usage patterns or lower your consumption during peak periods, Energy Only is the deal you’re looking for. Speak to one
of our dedicated sales team to find out more.

Easy Flex

Access wholesale commodity prices

With Easy Flex, you can access wholesale commodity prices by allowing you to purchase energy in tranches at different times and market prices,
before the start of your contract.

Take your energy intelligence further and reap the benefits of semi-flexible commodity procurement.

What is Easy Flex?

With the constantly fluctuating energy market, Hudson Energy found that many customers were hesitant to buy big blocks of energy in one go with their fixed product, but didn’t have the internal resources to utilise their fully flexible tariff either.

That’s why they created Easy Flex. Giving you the opportunity to lock-in costs for blocks of energy when the market price is most attractive, Easy Flex increases control of your risk management processes without the added stress of continuously monitoring energy buys.

How does Easy Flex work?

Rather than paying for your total projected energy costs for the following year in one go, our product allows you to spread your procurement transactions over the period before your contract begins.

Take advantage of changes to wholesale energy prices and locking in the prices that suit your strategy.

Wholesale market access

Receive daily updates on the wholesale energy market to help inform your purchase decision.

Increased savings

Reduce your costs by taking advantage of market price changes.

Improved budget certainty

Manage your risk strategy before your contract begins and benefit from fixed non-commodity charges.