Eco Taps: Grohe Red

Kettle hot water straight from the tap. Instant, safe and energy saving.

Eco Taps: Grohe Red – Instant Boiling Water Tap

Stop wasting time waiting for the kettle to boil! Grohe Red is a beautiful, dependable, energy-saving system that delivers instant hot water straight from a stylish, high quality kitchen mixer tap – saving you time, space and energy in the kitchen. Once you discover the advantages you won’t be able to live without it!

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Grohe Red Kitchen Taps

The Grohe Red instant hot water tap comprises a beautiful faucet in a choice of two styles, a water filter and a discreet boiler.


How Does Grohe Red Work?

  • Choose your preferred tap design – either C shaped or L shaped spout
  • Boiler fits discreetly under the sink (4 litre capacity, providing 3 litres of instant 99°C hot water)
  • Filter (Grohe Blue filter – included – lasts up to 12 months) goes under the sink between the cold water supply and the boiler
  • The tap works as a stylish, high quality mixer-tap featuring ‘SilkMove’ precision levers – giving you standard mains hot and cold water
  • The same tap also provides instant kettle-hot water via child-safe touch buttons

Grohe Red Key Features

  • Safety first: CoolTouch® technology keeps the tap cool to the touch
  • ChildLock makes it practically impossible for a child to trigger the 99°C water – for this hot water to flow you have to pull and then turn the left handle
  • Titanium Boiler – Unlike stainless steel or copper, 2 metals traditionally used for boilers, titanium is highly resistant to corrosion and limescale build-up, ensuring perfect performance over a lifetime. Plus it imparts no metallic taste to the water and is bio-compatible (as used in surgical instruments due to non-toxicity to living tissue)
  • 5 Stage High Performance Filtration System – the Grohe Red system includes a GROHE Blue® Filter System which filters out heavy metals such as lead and copper leaving you with cleaner, better tasting tea and coffee
  • Holiday Mode – at the flick of a switch on the boiler, water is only heated to 60°C, making it one of the best energy-saving taps on the market
    You only take the exact amount of hot water you need, so you save on water and energy consumption
    Filtered water for an exceptional taste
    No need for the clutter of a kettle

Grohe Red - Boiling Water Straight From the Tap

Never wait for the kettle to boil again!

Easy to Install

See how easy it is to install Grohe Red in your kitchen

Top 10 Reasons to Buy a Grohe Red Instant Hot Water Tap

  1. No more waiting for the kettle to boil
  2. No kettle means less worktop clutter
  3. Energy-saving – you’re only using what you need (A-rated for energy efficiency)
  4. Five stage filter gives you better tasting, purer water
  5. CoolTouch technology ensures the mixer stays cool to the touch
  6. ChildLock 2-step touch activation prevents children from accessing boiling water
  7. Instant access to 3 litres of boiling water (average electric kettle has max capacity of 1.7 litres)
  8. Easy installation under most sinks
  9. High quality, stylish mixer tap that’s built to last
  10. 150° swivel spout


Have a question?

The Grohe Red instant hot water tap combines beautiful, functional design with cutting-edge energy-saving technology. As an official UK stockist, SMCC is able to offer this energy efficient tap for a great price. If you’re undecided, our friendly, knowledgeable team is on-hand to answer any questions you have about installation, maintenance, or general usage. Make an online enquiry and we’ll reply promptly – or call us on 0333 123 5464.



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