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LinkThru Temperature Monitoring Unit

The LinkThru Temperature Monitoring Unit monitors water temperatures and sends this information to the Internet for remote viewing. The TMU automates your Legionella temperature checks, making compliance with HSG274 easier, more reliable, and less labour-intensive.

The LinkThru TMU is the latest innvoation from Cistermiser. It delivers remote real-time monitoring of water temperatures on a 24/7 basis. The Internet data also provides useful insights that enable your maintenance team to reduce how much pipe flushing they carry out – reducing water wastage.

Building Owners, Facilities Managers, or Maintenance professionals have a legal duty to mitigate and manage the risks associated with Legionella Bacteria. The legal guidance is set out in the HSG274 technical guidance from the Health and Safety Executive. Companies are required to identify risks and put controls in place. Practically this results in some form of temperature monitoring and possibly cleaning and disinfection of water systems.

Companies with a Legionella duty will carry out routine checks of pipe temperatures and be required to log the information. Any areas with low water flow that may stagnate and habour bacteria growth require thermal disinfection and flushing. Typically these duties are carried out by an in-house maintenance team or contractor. Compliance comes with associated costs such as labour and water usage.

There is a need to maintain careful records and a company potentially opens itself up to risk if it fails to do this consistently. There are many high-profile cases in the media of companies who have neglected their duty and it has unfortunately resulted in fatalities and legal action through failure to comply with the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974.

Enter the LinkThru TMU, which provides a contemporary solution to meeting compliance. This innovative technology delivers peace of mind through the automation of testing, delivering peace of mind and demonstrating best practices in health and safety management.

How it works:

LinkThru TMU enables cost-effective real-time data capture, analysis, reporting, alarms, notifications, and auditing as part of a Legionella control regime using Temperature Monitoring Units (TMUs) placed at sentinel points. LinkThru TMUs are small black boxes that simply and easily affix to water pipes anywhere in the water system using small clamps, eliminating the need for a person to take temperature monitoring recordings themselves.

TMU devices take precise temperature readings every 10 seconds, transmitting the data into a ‘cloud’ database that users can access at any time by logging on to a secure dashboard portal. Users will only receive a notification from the system if it detects a discrepancy in water temperature or flow event which is beyond pre-defined limits LinkThru TMUs can be fixed in position or moved to provide temperature comparisons, which enable identification of “dead legs” in pipework for example, as part of the Risk Assessment. These devices can be used to monitor outlets, TMVs, incoming mains temperature, cold water storage, calorifiers, and other parts of the water system.

Having constant, real-time data allows you to be much more proactive in your management of Legionella risk.

LinkThru Technology

LinkThru Technology provides solutions to current problems

  • Unreliable data – Periodic temperature readings recorded manually do not show trends or outlet usage With LinkThru TMU.
  • Access to outlets – The temperature monitoring and recording process must not create an infection path With LinkThru TMU.
  • Network integration – Local networks are business-critical infrastructures and can have many gatekeepers (e.g. IT/ Security/FM/Client/Building Owner) With LinkThru TMU.
  • Hardware and data costs – To cater for businesses large and small, solutions must be scalable With LinkThru TMU.
  • System integration – For large business premises, technology solutions may need to integrate with the existing BMS With LinkThru TMU.
  • Changing plumbing system – Buildings expand and design and usage of the water system, together with associated areas of risk, may change radically over time With LinkThru TMU.
  • Managing data – The legislative need to monitor and record temperature readings in volume is an overwhelming burden and it can be difficult to prioritise staff resources and maintain accurate records.

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