Grohe leads the way when it comes to sustainable and carbon neutral showering, bathroom, and kitchen tap products.

Our Grohe range comes with EcoJoy technology, which means you’ll be heating and using up to 50% less water.

  • Reduce water and energy bills
  • Climate neutral production
  • Cradle to cradle certified products
  • 5 year warranty

Grohe Range

Why buy Grohe?

Grohe is a globally trusted brand, that you may well have seen in your favourite hotel. Grohe has a history of manufacturing innovative bathroom solutions since 1936.

Grohe’s message, “Pure Freude an Wasser”, might be difficult to pronounce but the meaning is crystal clear – Grohe products ensure perfect water delivery, designed with style in Germany. It has three production plants in Germany as well as further plants, including Portugal, Thailand, and South Africa.

Choosing Grohe products supports paving the way to net-zero and circular living. Grohe has committed to becoming one of the first leading sanitary manufacturers to become carbon neutral. In 2019 Grohe converted all its production plants and logistics centres in Germany to run on green electricity. In 2018 Grohe launched an initiative to transition to plastic free packaging, and in 2021 they eliminated 35 million items of plastic packaging.

Grohe promotes manufacturing processes that consider the entire product lifecycle, from raw material procurement to manufacturing, product use, and disposal.

All Grohe products come a with 5-year guarantee.

Save with Grohe

Grohe’s ethos has been centred around its slogan, the pure enjoyment of water, for decades. This ethos is reinforced by their sustainability goals and achievements – so that the enjoyment of water doesn’t cost the planet.

Grohe has developed a line of smart water-saving products that use and heat less water but gives you the same (if not better) experience, whilst you save on your energy and water bills. Grohe’s showering and taps products use EcoJoy technology, with a flow-limiting mousseur combined with an aerator. Grohe SilkMove taps, prevent unnecessary hot water consumption, as only cold water comes out of the faucet when the lever is in the middle position.

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Grohe Technology


Check out how EcoJoy technology saves energy and water…


No need to call a plumber, with QuickGuide and QuickVideo via QR code the QuickFix taps can be fitted in minutes…


Grohe’s unique shower heads distribute water evenly through every nozzle…


Flawless, long-lasting surface designed to be resistant to dirt and scratches


No scalding on hot surfaces with Grohe CoolTouch

SilkMove ES

SilkMove ES uses less energy, as only cold water comes out of the faucet when the handle is in the middle…

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