Why? Because it starts the recipient off on a sustainable adventure

Giving Home Club as a gift gives your chosen recipient 12 months membership to our online members community, where they will access to hundreds of eco-friendly products all in one place, at unbeatable pricing guaranteed. They’ll also receive exclusive hot deals, products, and bundles – giving them the opportunity to save even more.

Our Regular, Reliable deliveries make it easy for them to receive eco-friendly essentials delivered straight to their door each month with the click of a button.

And our exclusive step-by-step guides deliver practical ways to Learn&Save throughout the year.

What’s more every time they buy a Planet Positive product, they’ll earn even more Planet Points, which they can put towards their next Regular Reliable Delivery, a new kitchen tap, or even save for an electric scooter…

The perfect gift ...

The perfect gift for friends, family and staff

Home Club membership is unique: it can be personalised and is the gift that keeps on giving – it’s entirely different to anything else you’ve ever thought of giving.

We guarantee that it will start a conversation

Home Club membership is perfect as a ‘thank you’ or ‘welcome to your new home’ present – and it’s regularly gifted by managers to their teams whilst they work from home.

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But it doesn’t stop there…

Once the recipient has activated their Home Club membership, they’ll start earning even more Planet Points with every Planet Positive purchase they make. For every £1 they spend they will earn 2 Planet Points.

They’re our way of helping everyone get even more value from their Home Club membership: they can be put towards Regular, Reliable Deliveries, a new kitchen tap, or even saved up for an electric scooter…the choices are endless!

Learn&Save throughout the Year

Receive a full year of jargon busting step by step guides full of practical steps to help everyone Learn&Save.

They cover everything from composting to how to work out which appliances will save you the most money, product reviews and thoughtful pieces from people who’ve already been there, tried everything and have their t shirts!

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How does it work?

How does it work? It’s so simple

Once you’ve decided upon how many people you want to eco gift, click the button below to get started. You can then decide if the gift will be posted directly to the recipient or come to you to gift them directly.

Personalise the gift that keeps on giving

Simply tell us who you want to send the membership to and who it’s from – our experience tells us it’s a unique gift that’s guaranteed to get people talking, so we give you the opportunity of adding your own P.S. message to the card.

Too many friends or staff members? – Let us do the hard work for you

Interested in corporate Eco Gifting or want to use our Eco Gifting Concierge service? We’re here to help.

Speak to a team member today.

What happens after the gift has been received?

What happens after the gift has been received?

Upon opening their card, the recipient will find a personalised welcome note and simple instructions of what to do next.

This explains what the Home Club membership is, and how it works.

Easy to activate – 12 months of Home Club membership

There’s also a unique code which they enter online to activate their membership. This will enable them to access the exclusive content written by sustainable living experts and start saving money (guaranteed) on everything from everyday essentials through to fun items like electric bikes and scooters!

Why not buy for a few friends and see who can be most Planet Positive over the coming year?

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Staff working from Home

Staff working from home? Help them reduce their bills & impact on the planet

With so many of us working from home, everyone is using more of their own energy & water; creating more waste, more landfill and more plastic waste.

Better understand the small changes

Help your teams better understand the small changes they can make by providing them with the a years’ worth of Home Club membership;
there’s no better way to have a big impact on their household budget and the planet.

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Made a big Carbon Zero Promise? We can help

We can track the impact that the Home Club purchases have on the planet and provide this data to your organisation for use in your ESG (Environment, Social and Governance) reporting. It also generates a great opportunity for some amazing green PR with staff and customers alike.

Measurable Impact

Your Impact Statements will document the difference their purchasing choices are making in energy & water savings, carbon & plastic usage.

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