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This significant water saving is made possible without lessening the user experience as German manufactured EcoSmart technology mixes air into the water to produce a powerful flow and pressure; that means you can have a great shower without using unnecessary water.

Using less water also means using less energy to heat the water, so EcoSmart also delivers valuable energy savings.

Conventional showers can often run at 15-20 litres per minute, sometimes even more, whereas hansgrohe EcoSmart shower heads use only 6 or 9 litres per minute reducing water consumption by up to 60%. EcoSmart showers adapts to different water pressure; if the pressure is high the water opening will become smaller and expand in lower pressure.

A full range of shower head designs is available to suit any style of bathroom including handheld, fixed and rain head options.



Whereas the central position on standard mixers immediately activates mixed water (both hot and cold), hansgrohe’s CoolStart technology means that only cold water will flow out when set to the middle position. It is a simple innovation but one missed by manufacturers of standard taps.

In CoolStart mixers the piping system does not fill up unnecessarily with hot water and it is only when you move the lever to the left that hot water is added.

You decide how high the temperature needs to be, hot water will flow only when you need it.

CoolStart reduces energy consumption and hence CO2 emissions as well, meaning that hansgrohe’s latest technology automatically reduces the burden on both the environment and your wallet.



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