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Venture Lighting has been a pioneer in lighting technology for over 30 years and is driven by the demand for robust and energy-efficient solutions.

Whatever the light source, the UK-based company has established an enviable reputation for delivering luminaires that fit specific needs while cutting energy consumption and carbon emissions.

The company is strengthening that position with LED lighting solutions that blend quality design with robust manufacture and big energy savings.

The company insists on highest-quality LED technology that delivers not only great quality light but also massive savings in energy consumption as well as greatly reduced maintenance costs with disruption to working environments minimised.

The long lifespan of LED luminaires – 50,000 hours – means that initial costs are recouped quickly through energy savings and the Venture Lighting solutions go on saving customers money over many years.

Venture Lighting offers luminaires that qualify for the Enhanced Capital Allowances (ECA) scheme offering big energy and carbon savings. The ECA scheme encourages purchase of higher efficiency products that meet strict minimum design and performance standards.

All this is supported by the company’s commitment to offer quality and unequalled service to all customers, whatever their lighting needs, together with the best warranties.

High Bay Applications

High-Quality Light-Source

Venture Lighting Venture has delivered high-quality light-source technology for more than 30 years and continues to develop the finest LED luminaires, modules and drivers, particularly the new high bay ranges.

The company’s LED VCLEAN high bay range has been developed as the ideal solution for the food manufacturing and food packaging sector. Every luminaire features a corrosion resistant finish which is easy to clean. The unique finish also ensures there is no build-up of dust and other deposits.

Venture Lighting’s LED VPANEL range offers wide choice and versatility together with ease of installation and excellent quality of light that is controllable through DALI dimming and Zigbee motion sensor drivers.

The company provides further high bay options specifically for warehouse racking environments through its LED VRACK linear range that combines highest efficiency with excellent energy savings and minimum maintenance.

Venture high bay solutions also include the excellent Elite LED range which has a classic high bay luminaire design and its robust manufacture ensures it is ideal for demanding industrial environments.

The Venture LED high bay solutions provide the very latest LED technology that ensures big energy savings and greatly reduced long-term maintenance costs as all products have a working lifespan of 50,000 hours.

6 in 1 Emergency

All occupied buildings are required by law to have escape lighting that ensures safe exit in the event of mains power failure.

Venture Lighting has developed an impressive portfolio of emergency lighting to cover the widest range of needs and environments, backed by a full three-year warranty.

The company’s Emergency 6 in 1 fixture is an exceptional product, designed to be used in any location and application. It can be surface mounted, suspended, arm mounted, recess mounted or wall mounted.

The built-in task lighting guarantees a safe working environment while the 6 in 1 fixture also has customisable legends for every setting.

The 6 in 1 emergency light features three-hours maintained or non-maintained mode with self-test and a working life of 50,000 hours.

Venture Lighting also offers an Emergency Twin Spot luminaire with IP20 and IP65 protection options for the most challenging environments, with three-hour non-maintained functionality. The twin spot luminaires have efficient 128 lumens-per-watt LEDs and are fully adjustable for maximum effect.

The company’s LED Emergency Bulkhead provides more than three hours of non-maintained lighting with an exit legend supplied, allowing it to function as an illuminated emergency exit sign.

The Venture Lighting EMG013 Emergency Downlight is a discreet standalone product for office and retail settings that offers more than three hours of non-maintained lighting while the Remote Emergency Pack delivers both maintained and non-maintained lighting for over three hours when it is most needed.

The company also provides a Plug and Play system that is designed to be used with Venture PNL Panels and DWL Downlights.

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