Did you know?

By the time you finish reading this page, around 5 million single-use plastic bottles will have been sold around the world? Utterly mind boggling.

SodaStream were really ahead of the curve (just like SaveMoneyCutCarbon) when they started in 1903 with their first home carbonation system.

Easy eco swaps is our mantra

By swapping from your supermarket favourites to SodaStream you could help to stop 67 billion single-use plastic bottles being thrown away by 2025.

We have put together everything you need to spark a change at home with this exclusive SodaStream Spirit starter kit.

So what’s in the box?

  • SodaStream Black Spirit sparkling water maker
  • 60 litre gas cylinder
  • 1 litre carbonation bottle – BPA-free plastic
  • 1 SodaStream Syrup Classics cola 440ml
  • 1 SodaStream black My Only Bottle

What’s more SodaStream have got your covered with all of the syrup flavours you would usually find in the supermarket – switching to SodaStream really is sustainability without compromise.

Better for you & the planet

A lot of your supermarket “sugar free” or “diet” brands contain a sugar replacement called aspartame, which you will find a lot of differing opinions on, a little bit like green washing.

We like to make things as easy as possible at SaveMoneyCutCarbon, which is why we have chosen SodaStream – none of their syrups contain aspartame.

What’s more all of the syrups contain 50% less sugar than your favourite supermarket brands and the Water Zero’s do not contain fructose.

But that’s not all

Each 440ml bottle of syrup will make a whopping 9 litres of fizzy drink and you control the amount of syrup you for a truly personalised taste.

One more thing don’t forget switching to SodaStream means no more carrying heavy plastic bottle multipacks from the supermarket.

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Better for the planet

Did you know that of all the plastic ever produced, only about 9% has been recycled? 12% has been incinerated, and 79% has ended up discarded or in landfills and nearly all of it still exists in some form today.

SodaStream allows you to still enjoy fizzy drinks and water without having to continue buying plastic bottles.

SodaStream PET bottles can be reused for up to 3 years, each one helping to eliminate as many as 1,282 single-use plastic bottles. But that’s not all… SodaStream’s carbonating cylinders when put back into their Gas Exchange are sterilised, inspected, and filled with new, dietary-grade CO2 to be reused.



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