Choosing a quality appliance with a high energy efficiency rating is a great way of reducing utility bills without compromising on quality.

We have a variety of Siemens products to choose from as well as many other Energy Efficient Appliances.

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Why Siemens?

Siemens makes its mark with innovations that count – innovations that are not merely new but actually redefine market standards.

Outstanding manufacturing quality and intuitive built-in technology is why we class Siemens as the ‘Best’ option for washing machines and dishwashers on the SaveMoneyCutCarbon site.

Energy Savings

Designed to fit in around your busy lifestyle, Siemens appliances feature efficient, time saving and environmentally conscious programmes.

For example, “Zeolith technology” which is found in some Siemens dishwashers, uses a natural mineral which absorbs moisture and converts it into heat which is then dispersed throughout the dishwasher to aid in drying the dishes. This is essentially recycling energy created by the dishwasher rather than wasting it, giving it a great energy efficiency boost.

Water Reduction

The use of water within Siemens products is something to be admired.

Innovative technology has been built-into washing machines and dishwashers to minimise water wastage.

iSensoric is a network of sensors within a product that work together to save water. One of many abilities of this network is i-Dos, found in washing machines. These sensors work together to analyse the laundry and then automatically disperse the correct amount of detergent, thus reducing wastage.


Across the entire Siemens business, sustainability initiatives are an essential aspect of their vision.

In Siemens own words “Our understanding of sustainability is fully based on our company values – responsible, excellent, innovative”

You can see this way of thinking within Siemens home appliances, which have high energy efficiency ratings as well as being manufactured responsibly.



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