How does Radbot work?

Radbot simply fits directly onto your existing radiator valve and can learn the usage patterns of a room and ensure that it’s only being fully heated when the room is being used.

Unlike other thermostatic control valves, there’s no need for manual input. A normal valve requires to be manually changed to adjust the temperature of a radiator, meaning you’d need to remember to turn the dial up 1-2 hours before you enter a room and then be sure to turn it down before you leave.

If your boiler is programmed to come on, it also learns how long a room takes to heat, for example if your living room takes 25 minutes to warm up and Radbot knows you’ll be using that room at 6pm, it will kick in at 5:35pm. To make things even better is that Radbot is always learning, so if your schedule begins to change then Radbot will change with it.

Whilst a room isn’t occupied but the heating is turned on, then Radbot will reduce the temperature between 1°C and 6°C depending on the time of day and the setting you select.

A reduction of just 1°C in temperature can save up to 10% on your heating bills, meaning you’re saving money but not sacrificing comfort.

Who can benefit from Radbot?

Homes and commercial properties can both benefit from installing Radbot on their radiators.

As a homeowner or a landlord, Radbot is a great way to reduce heating costs without reducing the level of comfort provided to those living in the property.

For commercial properties, the benefits are very much the same. Quick and simple to install with minimal capital outlay, Radbot can help reduce your energy costs and ensure your business is reducing its impact on the environment.

Our partnership with Radbot

We help everyone through the products and expertise we provide; because when you save money and cut carbon, everyone benefits.

We love to work with companies that produce innovative energy saving technology, helping them to get their products into the marketplace, and with UK households wasting over £6 billion a year on unnecessary heating, you can see why we’re big fans of Radbot.

Buying from us gives you peace of mind as we only work with proven manufacturers and we test each product to ensure it delivers the promised savings. This has allowed us to save millions of pounds for our clients, gaining us thousands of 5-star independent reviews.

We understand that everyone has busy lives, so we make it easy to speak to a human should you have any questions and we also have instant online chat.

We have a price match guarantee, free delivery on orders over £45 and if for any reason you are unhappy, we have a no quibble return policy.

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Did you know? UK households alone waste over £6 billion every year unnecessarily, mainly due to radiators not having any insight into a room’s occupancy – Radbot changes that…

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