What is Propelair?

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Water Savings

The Propelair Toilet system blends air and water to create a powerful, highly efficient flush thus reducing water usage by 84% on average. The system needs just 1.5 litres of water for each flush – compare that with traditional cisterns which typically use nine litres.


Energy Savings

Propelair saves more than just water – lower water volume means less energy is required for flushing. This reduces the toilet’s carbon footprint by an average of 80%.

Propelair is approved by

  • WRAS (Water Regulations Advisory Scheme)
  • BSI Kitemark
  • CE-marked for EU sales
  • Water Technology List
  • WaterMark
  • Waterwise

Better Hygiene

Traditional toilets when flushed spray bacteria, viruses and moisture through what’s called the ‘sneeze effect’. With Propelair’s unique closable lid, 99.9% of contaminants in the pan are removed by the powerful air flush. It has also raised the bar in hygiene by reducing aerosolised germs by 95%.

More effective cleaning is achieved through the Propelair rimless pan and side hinges for easy access to all parts.

How Does Propelair Work?

  • Propelair has a two-section cistern; one for air and one for water
  • Before flushing, the lid is closed to form a seal
  • When the flush button is pressed water enters the pan, followed by air from the unique patented pump. This powerful flush expels the entire contents of the pan.
  • The remaining water refills the water trap
  • The flush is completed in three seconds with the toilet ready to be re-flushed in around 30 seconds (subject to water supply pressure)

What do you get when you buy a Propelair System?

  • Ceramic toilet pan with plumbing consumables required to connect the pan onto conventional drainage systems (rubber couplings, PVC soil pipe adaptor)
  • Lid and seat assembly
  • Concealed cistern with water fittings, POWATM air pump and connection hoses
  • Power pack including POWATM motor, water pump, control module, flush button and connectors
  • 24V battery box and Smart Charger

Key Benefits to Your Business

Save Money

  • Reduce water and sewerage bills by up to 60%
  • Government-approved as a water-efficient product: organisations can claim 100% of the cost in the first tax year
  • This proven technology achieves the highest performance rating under BREEAM’s water efficiency guidelines

Improved Hygiene

  • Reduce airborne germs by 95% – avoid the ‘sneeze effect’
  • Removes 99.9% of waterborne contaminants
  • Reduces odours through Propelair’s unique closable lid
  • The latch is protected by SteriTouch®

Improved Queue Time

  • Quick refill in up to 30 seconds compared to conventional systems which usually take 2-3 minutes

Save Water

  • Uses only 1.5 litres per flush compared to the UK average of 9 litres

Carbon Reduction

  • Carbon footprint is reduced by 80% on average, thanks to less energy usage.

Sectors that can Benefit from Propelair Installation

Propelair toilets can only be installed by approved installers due to the complexity, this is also necessary to ensure the warranty is validated. SaveMoneyCutCarbon is a certified Principal Propelair installer and can facilitate this process entirely.

Propelair require drainage conditions to be checked and verified satisfactory before any installation takes place. SaveMoneyCutCarbon will manage this process by conducting a CCTV drainage survey and resolving any remedial works that are identified.


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