Choosing a quality appliance with a high energy efficiency rating is a great way of reducing utility bills without compromising on quality.

We have a variety of Liebherr products to choose from as well as many other Energy Efficient Appliances.

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Why Liebherr?

Liebherr pride themselves on their quality and reliable products, as well as their commitment to the environment.

All of Liebherr’s products as well as the processes to manufacturer them are safe, efficient and environmentally acceptable.

It’s for these reasons that we consider their products a great choice to consider when looking for kitchen appliances.

Energy Savings

Liebherr was one of the first manufacturers in Europe to develop and market refrigerators and freezers in the highest energy efficiency class, A+++.

Refrigerators and freezers can account for up to 15% of a household’s energy usage, which is why all of Liebherr’s appliances are designed with a focus on energy optimisation, maintaining their commitment to the environment.


Liebherr have a strong focus on sustainability, which means it’s no surprise that they won the 2018 and 2019 consumer survey award for Sustainable Commitment.

Several of their home appliances have awards for a variety of achievements. One of their most recent fridge freezers is so energy efficient that it has an energy consumption level that is as much as 20% lower than the EU-stipulated threshold level for the top efficiency class.



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