What is Human Centric Lighting?

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Human Centric Lighting, is in basic terms tailoring your businesses lighting to the needs of the human body, in order to simulate changes in natural daylight. This is scientifically proven to improve performance, health and wellbeing, particularly with regards to hormones that affect blood pressure, heart rate, vitality, memory and mood.

Natural Daylight is one of the most important sources for stimulating our bodies natural rhythm, we naturally feel full of energy when the sun is shining and tired when it gets dark. the pressures of modern society and busy lives is moving us further away from “normal” working hours and habits.

Where we spend more time in workplaces with limited daylight, dark meeting rooms or artificial light our bodies natural day-night rhythm also called our circadian rhythm can be seriously disrupted.

Lighting tailored to the natural lighting needs of people should follow these basic principles:

  • The more daylight – the better
  • Artificial lighting should adapt automatically throughout the course of the day
  • The most energising lighting covers a wide-area overhead area, imitating how the Sun would illuminate the sky
  • Bright, cold white light with a high proportion of blue is most effective at the start of the day until after lunch
  • Warm white, direct light without blue is better in the evening, as it helps our body relax and prepare for the night
  • Warm white light with the lowest possible brightness should be used, at least two hours before sleeping and screen-time should be limited

The BIOLUX Human Centric Lighting Solution

The Ledvance BIOLUX lighting solution has been designed and developed as the Human Centric Lighting Solution for your business, allowing each room to have tailored lighting levels throughout the day in order to improve performance, satisfaction and wellbeing.

The product portfolio consists of two main components: the control unit and the luminaire.

The BIOLUX Control Unit

The Ledvance BIOLUX HCL Control Unit ensures each room has the right light at the right time of day. It is easy to install and a perfect Retrofit solution as luminaires are connected wirelessly.

  • Wireless communication between the control-unit and luminaries
  • Turn the control wheel to switch your lighting mood
  • Choose between 5 different lighting moods: RELAX, CREATE, NATURAL, FOCUS and BOOST
  • BIOLUX Panel and Downlight currently available with more coming soon

Lighting can support exactly what is needed


Drive FOCUS when the team is finalising projects

An extra BOOST when a task needs a final push

Be CREATIVE in brainstorming sessions

RELAX when the job is finished

NATURAL promotes day-to-day well-being

The Benefits of the BIOLUX System to your business

Maintenance Manager and Installer

  • Quick and Easy installation and commissioning
  • Limited Maintenance Needed
  • Perfect Retro-Fit solution

Businessowner and People Managers

  • Employee well-being
  • Improved performance
  • Optimising all office space


  • Improvement in well-being
  • Better mood and productivity
  • Easy to adapt to your personal preference

HR Manager

  • Employee well-being
  • Register your building for WELL standard Certification
  • More productive and happier work force

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