Choosing a quality appliance with a high energy efficiency rating is a great way of reducing utility bills without compromising on quality.

We have a variety of Lec products to choose from as well as many other Energy Efficient Appliances.

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Why Lec?

Lec was founded in the 1940s by a fishmonger who was fed up with the high cost of ice needed to keep his fish cool.

The same principles have been followed by Lec for the last 80 years: keep your drinks cold, your food chilled and your frozen goods frozen.

In the words of Lec, they’ve been “officially cool since 1942”.

Energy Savings

Lec was founded by someone who just wanted lower costs, and Lec continue to help people looking to lower their energy bills without compromising on quality.

Over the last 80 years, Lec have continuously refined their products to provide their customers with an inspiring collection, delivering style, functionality and a breadth of choice – all whilst maintaining great energy ratings.


Lec are part of the REPIC Responsible Recycling Campaign, which was founded to ensure that electrical goods were disposed of the most environmentally friendly way.



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