Why Kelda?

Kelda have partnered with SaveMoneyCutCarbon to help a build a more sustainable future.

Kelda are the pioneers of AirPowered™ water saving showers. Their aim is to help reduce water, energy and carbon emissions from showering whilst enhancing the showering experience.

And a Kelda shower uses premium components, materials and finishes that are not only designed for reliability and durability but responsibly sourced to reduce the impact on the planet.

What is an AirPowered™ Shower?

The Kelda AirPowered™ showers are designed and manufactured in the UK. The patented technology meets and exceeds compliance, offering a shower solution that provides an energising shower solution with as low as 5 litres per minute.

Water is injected into a high velocity air stream using principles of fuel-injection technology to deliver showers that typically save 50% of water and energy compared to a standard shower, assisting in reducing carbon emissions.

Advanced Technology

Kelda’s patented technology is drawn from decades of cutting-edge aerospace aerospace technology. In the showerhead water is injected into a high velocity air stream it is broken up into 100s of MACRO droplets that are 2.5x the size of a standard shower. This makes less water feel like more. 

MACRO-Jet™ nozzles
The showerhead comprises an array of 12 specially engineered MACRO-Jet nozzles. A larger core diameter produces larger MACRO droplets. This provides better thermal stability and rinsing performance.   

To reduce risk of water stagnation and prevent bacterial growth Kelda’s showerhead features a single-mode spray plate with fixes spray and no moving parts. For added safety the technology blow airs through the showerhead after each use.   

Air-Force3th Fan
The latest digital fan is designed to deliver up to 300 litres of air per minute to the showerhead with a rapid pressure build-up of up to 5000 pascals.  



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