Our Partnership with Hisense

Hisense have been innovating for over 50 years and have great confidence in their products, hence their comprehensive warranty offering. It’s for this reason and several others that we’ve chosen to list a selection of Hisense products on our website.


Energy Savings

Energy efficiency is a key ingredient to the Hisense method.

Their fridges and freezers contain technology that helps keep energy usage to a minimum whilst also ensuring the quality of the product isn’t hindered. For example, in a range of their fridges you can set the temperature in different compartments – ensuring that you’re not using unnecessary energy to cool an area of the fridge that doesn’t need to be set as low as another area.


A brand wouldn’t appear on our website unless we believed they were making great steps to ensure their products and the processes to manufacture them are sustainable. Hisense are no exception.

Their commitment to the quality of their products ensures that they have a long lifetime, reducing the time between replacements – thus reducing landfill.

We offer Hisense products with an energy efficiency rating of A++ or better, helping our customers be more sustainable at home too.



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