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Why Ecozone?

Ecozone is a family-owned business. Created by a family for families.

Twenty years ago, Ecozone set out to create plant-based, vegan, powerful cleaning products that work, without nasty hidden ingredients.

Just like us, Ecozone believes It is possible for all of us to make simple, small changes in our everyday doings that will make a huge difference to our planet in the long run, and that stands for businesses too.

Ecozone is determined to provide consumers with safe, sustainable alternatives to all conventional household cleaners. That is why they have developed a wide range of products for literally every inch of the home from laundry items to drain unblockers.


Ecozone believes that it shouldn’t be difficult to lead a more sustainable life, it should just be second nature, so that’s what they did, they want back to nature. They create products with plant-based and natural ingredients. Plants are the inspiration behind all of their formulas.

Sustainability is at their core and aim but it is just as important that their products do their job. They promise to delivery high quality products that perform well and are environmentally sound that everyone can have access to.

By choosing to use Ecozone’s products made with plant-based and natural materials, you’ll still get the great results you’ve come to expect from regular cleaning products but feel good in the knowledge that you’re doing your bit to help look after the planet.



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