Over 20 Years Experience with LED

ECOLED® is a British company designing and manufacturing exceptional LED lighting products. The London-based company have more than two decades specifically with LED technology, which has enabled our specialist team to develop an outstanding range of stunning LED luminaires utilising only the most cutting edge technology.

A creative spirit abounds throughout ECOLED, which is part of a family company that is over 120 years old and it specialises in the art and application of LED light technology in interior and exterior installations for illumination and decoration.

Designed In London

The extensive ECOLED portfolio is designed in the company’s London Head Office and manufacturing is carried out at its global production facilities.

This means that ECOLED is extremely competitive, while maintaining total control and ensuring that every item we release is true to the company mantra: Sophisticated. Reliable. Affordable.

Most products have 5 year warranty

Many of the products are available with a five year warranty and, where appropriate, comply or exceed the requirements of the current UK building regulations.

Optimum Performance

ECOLED employs Chip On Board (COB) LED arrays for optimum performance. In addition, many of the products can be dimmed either by simple switch or via advanced control systems, facilitating total lighting control.

Areas of Expertise

The focus for SaveMoneyCutCarbon and ECOLED in the specialist partnership is on three key areas of lighting:

  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Hospitality
  • Retail
  • Marine

Ecoled Products



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