Why EcoCoconut?

EcoCoconut pride themselves on empowering their customers to make more sustainable choices, much like SaveMoneyCutCarbon.

They work with a trusted, award-winning raw material supplier that has over 135 years of trade and is the largest multinational company in Sri Lanka. Their suppliers have also been awarded Number 1 Corporate Citizen for the 5th consecutive year, for the best Corporate Sustainability Awards in Sri Lanka.

As a company, EcoCoconut they place high importance on ensuring their policies and practices respect a commitment to creating positive change for the planet.


By the time the first piece of plastic ever made will have decomposed in 400 years, there will be trillions of plastic particles contaminating the planet. EcoCoconut’s products and packaging aim to drastically reduce this.

Their products are made with FSC certified recycled Rubber trees grown in a plantation. At the end of their life, they are replanted, and the wood is used for the brush handles.

The bristles are made from sustainably farmed coconut husks, which is the outside of dried coconuts and is a waste material from the industry.



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