Why CocoCabana?

Traditional charcoal production methods are inefficient and contribute highly to greenhouse gas emissions – not to mention the risk they post to workers.

CoCoCabana Gillbriketts offer an innovative solution to this problem by using coconut farming waste, as the industry grows through popular demand for coconut-based products.

This helps enhance and support impoverished coconut farmers’ incomes, producing a better quality product with less health risk as well as making use of a waste product.

Also, as a brand, they also support The Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund, the largest and longest running organisation fully dedicated to gorilla conservation.


Every year, upwards of 300,000 tonnes of charcoal are imported to the EU and part of this sourced through illegal charcoal production in African tropical rainforests, derived from wood products.

This contributes to the rapid deforestation of rainforests, so by choosing CoCoCabana Grillbriketts further deforestation is prevented, as they don’t use any wood in their production.

On top of this, these Grillbriketts are also superior to their charcoal counterparts; they allow for longer cooking times with higher temperatures, are odour free and are reusable.

As such they are 100% sustainable and carbon neutral. Also, they produce very low ash content because of the use of high quality products and processes. Any ash that does happen to be produced is safe to use as a garden fertiliser afterwards.



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