The Beginning

Cistermiser first entered the washroom market back in 1976 with an innovative water efficient product – the hydraulic urinal flush control valve.

The environmentally friendly product was ahead of its time, as at this time there were no regulations stipulating that companies had to minimise water consumption in the washroom.

Research & Development

Over the years two low pressure derivatives of the hydraulic valve were developed during the 1980’s before the company added its first domestic product, a limescale prevention device called Combinate to its range in 1987.

Investment in R&D led to the development of electronic technologies and the company launched a complete washroom control system and the infrared urinal flush control valve in the early 1990’s.

Cistermiser Today

In recent years, the company’s product portfolio has expanded into all areas of the washroom with a range of WC and urinal flushing devices, a series of infrared taps and Sensazone; an advanced system to manage water and energy.

Today the Cistermiser name is synonymous with quality and reliability and has become a generic term for all urinal flush controls. They now offer solutions for commercial, industrial and public sector washroom environments where security, hygiene and cost reductions are required.

Making Washrooms Sustainable

Urinal Flushing

Their range of urinal flush control valves includes the Hydraulic Urinal Flush Control Valve, and the Electronic Infrared Control Valve for use in urinal installations where a cistern is used to flush the urinal.

The Direct Flush urinal valve is an intelligent product which detects when someone is using the urinal and only flushes after that person has left it. This valve has been specifically designed for flushing urinals directly from the mains water supply.

Toilet Flushing

Easyflush is a no-touch WC flushing valve with dual flush from a single sensor.

We also offer EasyFlush Direct, allowing toilets to be flushed directly from the mains water supply.

This easy to fit product can enable flush volumes to be reduced down to 2.8 litres for maximum water savings.

Infrared Taps

Cistermiser’s range of infrared taps, Novatap and Vectatap, are deck mounted chrome basin outlets with the benefit of hygienic hands – free operation.

Washroom Control

Cistermiser’s Sensazone range controls the lighting, water supply and extractor fans within the washroom. It can control the supply of hot, cold and rain or grey water into the washroom, isolating the supplies in vacant periods.

Limescale Prevention

Combimate is a limescale prevention device for use with combination boilers and whole house water heaters in domestic settings.

Remote Monitoring

Linkthru TMU harnesses the power of the Internet of Things (IoT) to monitor water temperatures and help to ensure Building Owner compliance with HSG274, reducing the risk of Legionella.

Quality Assurance

All Cistermiser products are manufactured under Quality Management Systems certified to ISO.9001:2015.

The warranty can be extended, free of charge, to three years from date of installation by returning the completed warranty card after commissioning the product.

Water Efficiency

Cistermiser has a long – established record of dedication to conserving water; their first water – saving product was launched soon after the 1976 drought. Their infrared products have been recognised as “water efficient” under the European Water Label Scheme.

SaveMoneyCutCarbon can help organisations understand exactly how much they can reduce their water consumption by utilising Cistermiser products and solutions. It really is worth getting in touch as products such as the Infrared Urinal Flush Control valve can typically save 129,000 litres of water per year, when switching from uncontrolled urinals. In addition, upgrading inefficient toilets’ cisterns to the EasyFlush Cistern Flush Valve can achieve significant water savings – even a 6 litre toilet could see reductions of 84,000 litres per year.



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