Why Bambaw?

Established in 2015, Bambaw was started with one mission in mind – to create a zero-waste movement encouraging people to make more sustainable swaps in their everyday lives, whether that be in and around their homes or when travelling. This mission focused on creating sustainable products to replace single-use alternatives.

Bambaw share SaveMoneyCutCarbon’s belief in sharing information and educating others on how to reduce their carbon footprint and live a more eco-friendly lifestyle.

They also fund research campaigns to help provide more insight into the consequences of waste on the environment.


Bambaw’s products are ethically made, ensuring the most sustainable production process, using quality, sustainably sourced materials. All of their products are developed with 3 key factors in mind:

  • Generating as little waste as possible
  • Providing better performance than their wasteful counterparts
  • Saving money in the long run by being reusable

Many of Bambaw’s products use bamboo, chosen because it grows fast, can absorb five times more carbon dioxide and produces 35% more oxygen than trees. It also requires little water, no pesticides or fertilisers and once harvested it can regenerate from it’s roots.

It is these factors that compliment our core belief of Sustainability Without Compromise.


Reducing Carbon

Bambaw monitor their carbon emissions closely, aiming to reduce them as much as possible and to eventually have a carbon neutral supply chain.

They calculate the total environmental impact of their supply chain to achieve this. Working with the Carbon Trust, they map the journey of each product from the start of production through to the customer receiving their items.

This includes monitoring shipping method, weight and kilometres travelled to give an accurate figure of the emissions.




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