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ABB is one of the latest manufacturers to be part of the SaveMoneyCutCarbon manufacturer network – Allowing us to deliver a range of quality EV Chargers directly to end users and installers alike providing best value and advice.

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Always be ready to go with an ABB OLEV approved car charger

At home

For private homes to multi-tenant homes and residential communities

At work

From small offices to large offices, business parks and complexes

Commercial locations

From hotels, to sports institutions and shopping centres

While parking

While on the street or in a car park

Terra AC wallbox for Homes

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Best Value Home Charger

The Terra AC wall box is the best value home charger on the market. It delivers the exceptional quality expected from the world leader in charging in a cost-effective solution.

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Future-proof flexibility

With connectivity and smart functionality, the Terra AC wall box is built to adapt to deliver the most optimized charge today and into the future. Convenient home charging that integrates seamlessly into everyday life.

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Safety and protection

Safety is a core principle of both ABB’s business and the Terra AC wall box.The wall charger, as with ABB’s entire EV charging product portfolio, has been evaluated and tested to the highest safety standards by independent, third-party safety certification organizations.

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AC vs DC Charging

There are DC charging points and AC charging points

AC chargers:

The vehicle’s onboard charger converts the power to DC, feeding it to the battery.

DC chargers:

The charging point itself converts AC to DC before transmitting the power directly to the vehicle battery.

The difference between the two charging options is generally the time it takes to fully charge the EV battery, with DC chargers a faster method and often seen in commercial environments, rather than homes.

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DC Charging Products

ABB Terra DC charger for electric vehicles CCS2

Developed with leading electric vehicle manufacturers, trusted by energy suppliers and governments, the Terra DC wallbox makes fast charging safe, smart and future-compatible. The Terra offers a broad range of connectivity options including 3G/4G modem, Ethernet and GSM for easy control and integration with existing infrastructure.

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ABB Terra DC charger for electric vehicles, CCS2 and CHAdeMO

The Terra DC wallbox with ultra-compact footprint enables flexibility in installation to serve a variety of site conditions
Available in a single or twin socket. The Terra DC charger offers high voltage charging capabilities supporting the EVs from today and into the future. Intuitive interface with a user-friendly 7-inch colour touch screen and easy-reach cables for convenient parking and charging.

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ABB DC Chargers are perfect for the automotive and transport industry

Each industry has a different range of needs and requirements. For example, transport companies could require faster-charging solutions to allow vehicles to have a quick turnaround in the depot.

The automotive retail industry needs to charge a large number of vehicles over the course of the day, whether in a service or sales capacity, they need a solution that offers both speed and reliability.

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