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November 1, 2016

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The Carer magazine features essential energy-saving advice for care homes from SaveMoneyCutCarbon this month.


Mark Sait, CEO of SaveMoneyCutCarbon focuses on the intense pressures currently faced by care home owners, managers and operators and offers expert advice on ways to make big reductions in energy bills.

The article, in the leading magazine for nursing and residential care homes, sets out the many effective and simple ways for care homes to find a way out of the twin pressures of ever-rising utility costs and greatly reduced support from government.

It shows how care homes can make immediate and substantial savings but also underlines how the right solutions go on delivering savings over the long term.

Mark writes:

“Care homes share some similar financial issues to hospital and hotels in that they are 24/7 operations, with continual big demands on energy and water. Clearly there are differences but I think that there are positive lessons to draw from the sustainability strategies in these sectors.

“Care homes will benefit from the adoption of energy-saving and water management processes that have proved so successful in hospitals and hotels. We can also reference what is happening in education, another sector being hard hit by cuts.

“In all these sectors, there are excellent examples of large and small operations where decisive action to reduce pressure on costs has delivered savings that run into the thousands of pounds annually.”


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