School energy savings with LED lighting featured in Bury Free Press

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September 21, 2016

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Our work helping schools cut costs with big energy savings through LED lighting is featured in the Bury Free Press.


The report picks up on our ongoing projects with schools supported by the Norwich Diocese.

Taverham Junior School in Norfolk is now saving nearly £4,000 a year in energy bills.

Equally important, the learning environment for the children has been vastly improved. An additional benefit is that the school’s lighting “carbon footprint” has been reduced by more than 60%.

The new lighting has been paid for through an interest-free loan from Salix Finance, which funds public sector energy-saving projects.

The loan repayments will be fully covered by the savings made on lighting bills and then the school will go on saving money for many years as the LED lights will last for more than a decade with no maintenance costs.

Headteacher Paul Stanley says that he was very sceptical about the idea of a project that paid for itself but that “the repayments on the interest-free capital loan we have been given to pay for the lighting refit will be paid by the savings in our electricity bills which, along with our carbon footprint, will be reduced by a massive 63%.

“We are delighted with the results. We can see the difference in the quality of light within the school and we have finally got rid of the horrible, dismal ‘orangey’ lighting.

Holden Cook, Chief Operating Officer of SaveMoneyCutCarbon says: “All schools are facing increased financial pressures and many are struggling with old, inefficient lighting. Hopefully the success of this project will lead to other schools taking advantage of the unique opportunity to cut energy costs, improve lighting and reduce carbon footprint.”

Read the full case study in our Projects section



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