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September 12, 2016

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SaveMoneyCutCarbon is featured in the Eastern Daily Press with an article on how it has saved a Norfolk school £4,000 a year with an LED lighting retrofit.


The article quotes Paul Stanley, Headteacher of Taverham Junior School, who explains how the new LED lighting will pay for itself through savings on electricity costs.

The school is delighted with the new lighting, which Paul Stanley told our team would not only save money but also improve the learning environment for pupils.

He tells us: “We are delighted with the results … we can see the difference in the quality of light within the school. We have finally got rid of the horrible, dismal ‘orangey’ lighting.

“I am convinced that the brighter, better-quality and more natural looking lighting will have positive benefits for our staff and pupils’ well-being, as well as pupils’ learning progress, which research shows can be improved by 21% with effective lighting in classrooms.**

“I would wholeheartedly recommend any school getting involved in this project. The improvements in lighting and its impact on learning and well-being are reason enough; to know that we will also be saving money and doing our bit to help the planet is also a huge positive. “

SaveMoneyCutCarbon is working closely with the Norwich Diocese, which maintains the school and with partner Anglian Water Business to help other schools in Norfolk and across the country to ease pressure on tight budgets with energy-saving LED lighting installations.

Read the full Project report here:

Self-financing LED lighting upgrade to save junior school nearly £4,000 a year
100% interest-free funding paid for by energy savings with carbon footprint reduced by 63% and learning environment improved.





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