Mark Sait expert opinion on office lighting innovation in Mix Interiors

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September 20, 2016

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SaveMoneyCutCarbon CEO Mark Sait shares his expert opinion on office lighting innovation in leading design magazine Mix Interiors.


In the Spotlight on Innovation feature, Mark pinpoints the benefits of quality lighting and suggests the new products that can make a big difference to working lives in offices.

The article says:

“The focus on wellbeing of employees and growing awareness of Sick Building Syndrome has sparked a wave of innovation in lighting, Mark Sait, CEO, tells us.

“It’s now pretty much universally accepted that getting the lighting right is essential for any healthy office environment. Physical and psychological wellbeing is inextricably linked to lighting conditions. Quality of light, its effect on shades and colours and the need to avoid glare are front-of-mind when planning or refitting office space, along with energy efficiency.

“In response to the growing need to combat glare and provide excellent quality light, we are seeing a move away from the standard LED panel to a new form of LED panel luminaires that combine elegant design with innovation to reduce glare and provide human-centric lighting in offices.”



“These panels, from innovators like SORAA and Thorn Lighting, feature graceful upward curves that minimise glare, especially in large open plan offices, while helping to reshape the office aesthetics.”

The feature also highlights products from our range that make the ongoing management of lighting much easier. The article underlines that evolving environments increasingly need a flexible approach – for example making changes to the Colour Render Index (CRI) and the way light is distributed.

It says that new lens systems make the task easy and effective.

“For example, Verbatim has developed new lenses that shift the CRI from 85-90+ while SORAA’s SNAP lens range provides control over beam angle, colour and other parameters, with no negative effect on energy efficiency.”


This ability to minimise complexity ensures that offices can make the greatest savings through LEDs that provide excellent light while cutting energy use over the very long life of the luminaires while having complete control at the same time.




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