Hotel energy savings – the Four Pillars

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December 21, 2015

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The Carbon Trust has shared our insights into hotel energy savings through its new guides section on the revamped website.

hotel energy saving
LED lighting at Radisson Blu Stansted – one of the four energy saving pillars for hotels

In the article, we explain the four pillars for energy savings in hotels, drawing on our work with leading brands in the hospitality sector. Read our hotel energy and water-saving case studies here.

We underline the crucial importance of gathering the right data through complete surveys in order to prioritise and make the best choices on energy and water saving strategies.

The article says: “It’s true that hotels in particular are faced with what seems to be a bewildering complexity in terms of cutting carbon emissions while reducing energy and water costs.

The ‘always-on’ nature of the business is a constant challenge to energy savings but the case for change is becoming ever more compelling, while solutions have improved technically over the past two years.”

The four pillars – lighting retrofits, intelligent controls, smart pumping systems and efficient water management – should always be business-based, with a clear idea of return on investment and have no negative impact on guest satisfaction.

Read the full article: Four pillars for energy savings in hotels


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