Education Today magazine features head teacher view on benefits of school LED lighting retrofit

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July 6, 2015

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Top UK specialist magazine Education Today features a head teacher’s view on a school LED lighting retrofit by SaveMoneyCutCarbon.

John Casey, head teacher of Blessed Hugh Faringdon Catholic School in Reading, underlines the importance of making a business case for the LED lighting project.

Image of Education Today article on school LED lighting retrofit
Education Today: Head teacher John Casey on importance of making a business case for LED lighting

He says:

“It was important to establish a ‘business case’ for going green, as there would be little point in spending precious resources on energy-saving solutions that would be slow to provide carbon emission reductions and that might take a decade or more to pay back the investment through reduced energy bills.

“The savings should be around £16,500 a year, which is a huge figure for us. It was well worth pursuing such savings.

“The survey identified that the school should achieve very significant energy savings through LED lighting in all areas while improving light quality and carbon efficiency, cutting lighting bills by more than 57% and the carbon footprint by the same percentage. This immediately appealed to us.”


Education Today is a member of the British Educational Suppliers Association (BESA). BESA members offer buyers peace of mind by subscribing to a Code of Practice. This promotes products that are of a proper quality, safe and suitable for educational use.

SaveMoneyCutCarbon carried out the entire retrofit during the Easter holidays to minimise disruption and managed the whole project, including arranging full Salix financing at zero interest.

The Salix funding means that the new lighting will be self-financing with full repayment in just over a seven-year period.

You can read the article in the online magazine edition here. It’s on page 15.
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