The Water Report highlights Anglian Water Business partnership with SaveMoneyCutCarbon

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March 31, 2015

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Leading industry publication The Water Report highlights the innovative Anglian Water Business partnership with SaveMoneyCutCarbon in its March edition.

The double-page spread of the subscription magazine features detailed analysis of the move to help SME customers, together with views from Anglian Water Business managing director Bob Wilson and SaveMoneyCutCarbon CEO Mark Sait.

Water Report magazine feature on the Anglian Water Business partnership with SaveMoneyCutCarbon

The feature highlights: “Last month, the company made a move to enhance its offering in the efficiency space by signing a partnership with dedicated household and business energy, water and carbon efficiency specialist SaveMoneyCutCarbon.

“The partnership will highlight simple, cost-effective measures that can make a lasting impact on businesses’ utility bills – from advice to discounted products and practical services. It sounds an awful lot like diversifying into the market for water services rather than straightforward water/wastewater supply.”

Bob Wilson explains why AWB made the move:

“It all comes back to enabling customers to make significant savings – double digit savings, not the 1-2% savings you would get from a price discount – on their bills. For many SMEs, water is so far down their list of priorities that they would never even pursue the 1-2%.

“In Scotland, SMEs are switching for a significant discount. They switch for a significant discount in energy. It is unlikely the English market will offer enough margin for suppliers to offer big discounts, so we are setting up with the expectation of thin margins.

“We will help customers save significant amounts of money though saving product – water in and wastewater out. It sounds counterintuitive and it’s not what we’ve seen in energy but I think this is how it is going to go in water.”

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