Hospitality Net features water saving strategies from CEO Mark Sait

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March 23, 2015

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Hospitality Net, the leading online knowledge portal for the hotels sector, features advice on water savings from SaveMoneyCutCarbon CEO Mark Sait.

Mark’s in-depth article, demonstrates how hoteliers can add value to the company property, cut operating costs and reduce carbon emissions in line with regulatory requirements.

Hospitality Net article by Mark Sait, CEO SaveMoneyCutCarbon

Mark writes in ‘Fluid and sustainable savings from water efficiencies’ :

Targeting water use in a hotel has the proven potential to be measurable and transparent in the ways it delivers big savings. The effect on utility consumption is two-fold, first reducing prime costs of water and then cutting energy used in heating and pumping, which has a further effect of reducing any carbon taxes.

We have seen recent examples in hotel groups that have made the commitment to reducing water consumption with all the benefits that brings by first trialling solutions like eco showers and eco taps, together with magically simple tap aerators, then rolling out these fittings across the entire estate.

And with the right choices, the guest will not even notice that he or she is making a contribution to energy-saving, carbon reductions every time they step under the shower or turn on the tap. A well manufactured eco shower head should mix air with the water stream in a way that has no discernible effect on guest experience but reduces water consumed by more than 50%. It is important that the shower head is not simply a restrictor, which by every measure is an inadequate solution.

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