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February 19, 2015

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SaveMoneyCutCarbon CEO Mark Sait is featured in the latest edition of Lux magazine, focusing on the hospitality and leisure sectors.

Lux magazine Opinion article by Mark Sait CEO SaveMoneyCutCarbon

Mark’s Opinion article advises:

“The business case for LED lighting at an energy bill level is widely known although it shocks me how many hotels still burn traditional halogens or fluorescents. Less widely known is how hotels are owned and managed. A hotel in many cases will have an owner who owns the asset e.g. the building, often large funds or a bank that looking to improve the operation of the asset, increase its profit and sell it for more than they paid.

“The hotel also has an operator, one of the large brands you recognise when you book your room. A hotel being sold as a going concern is often valued on a multiple of the profit it can generate. These multiples can be ten times or more.

“So every £100K we can add to the bottom line of a hotel by deploying quality LED light has two impacts: the straight-line reduction in energy bills, and adding to the value of the asset by a minimum of 10x – so £1 million. A number of our larger hotel customers have seen this opportunity, as have their owners, as a quick way to increase their asset valuation, far faster than trying to get guest to pay more through persuading you to take the upgrade or better breakfast. I am sure this could be applied to other sectors.”

For more news on the lighting sector, visit Lux magazine:!/issue/50



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