Daily Telegraph features Mark Sait with money-saving advice for SMEs

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December 30, 2014

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The Daily Telegraph features SaveMoneyCutCarbon CEO Mark Sait this morning, advising that SMEs are wasting millions of pounds a year by failing to cut energy usage.

Mark Sait, CEO SaveMoneyCutCarbon featured in StartUps business hub

The ‘Soapbox’ article by Rachel Bridges in the Finance section, quotes Mark’s advice to SMEs: “Many of them don’t realise the big impact that small changes can make to their bottom line. It has been estimated that big businesses are using £2.8 billion of energy that they don’t need to use every year, which is the equivalent of nearly five power stations. But businesses don’t realise the simple things that can be done to reduce energy usage.”

Mark says that part of the problem is that the government has focused the debate on reducing the global carbon footprint instead of individual businesses being able to save money if they cut their energy usage.

“I think the government has confused the issue. It was a mistake of the government to wrap up the debate in carbon reduction and carbon audits and red tape because it has confused everybody. There isn’t a home or a business in the country that doesn’t want to reduce its energy bills if it is explained in the right way. But not everybody is interested in carbon reduction.

“Responsibility for lighting the building, for example, generally sits with the maintenance department but in my view it should sit right up there with the finance director.”

Read the full article – Soapbox: SMEs are wasting millions of pounds a year by failing to cut energy usage, says Mark Sait



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