Grove hotel LED lighting retrofit with SaveMoneyCutCarbon featured in Lux magazine

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October 30, 2014

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The Grove luxury hotel LED lighting retrofit by is featured in the November edition of Lux magazine.

Grove Hotel LED lighting retrofit with feature in Lux magazine

The Grove in Hertfordshire has slashed its energy consumption with the LED retrofit without changing its look and feel.

Robert Kenworthy, facilities director at the hotel and other luxury properties owned by the Ralph Trustees group emphasises in the article the crucial importance of ensuring that the lighting render matched a precise specification.

“We just wanted to replicate the light we had chosen originally with a more cost-effective light source.”

Robert was keen to find a lighting supplier that could also install the new lighting scheme. For that reason he chose to work with SaveMoneyCutCarbon, noting that we also provide advice on reducing costs across other major areas of energy consumption – water, heating, ventilation and boilers.

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