agrees Master Distributor partnership with LED lighting pioneer Soraa

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August 18, 2014

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Leading UK full-service energy-efficiency specialist today announces a new partnership as Master Distributor for Soraa and its revolutionary GaN on GaN technology, providing a superior alternative to halogen MR16 lamps.

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Soraa LED lamps are perfect for high-end retail, jewellers, art galleries, museums and the hospitality industry. For spotlighting over products, Soraa’s 95 Colour Render Index (CRI) GaN on GaN technology shows a true representation of colours with crisp shadows and exquisite detail.

Soraa, with headquarters in California, was founded six years ago by multiple Nobel Prize nominee Dr. Shuji Nakamura, inventor of the blue LED. Soraa’s LED lamps use Gallium Nitride (GaN) epitaxial layers on a native GaN substrate, rather than the standard GaN on sapphire or silicon carbide substrates. GaN on GaN LEDs produce more light per area of LED and are more cost-effective than technology based on other “non-native” substrates.

Soraa’s full visible spectrum light delivers unprecedented colour rendering that surpasses even halogen sources. Soraa’s LED lamps run cooler and have no IR or UV radiation, reducing heat and emissions that can compromise sensitive materials.

GaN on GaN™ LEDs:

  • emit more light per LED material than any other LED
  • handle more electric current per area than any other LED
  • have crystals that are up to a thousand times more precise than any other LED crystal
  • have exceptionally long life
  • have no usage degradation
  • offer top lumen maintenance
  • start instantly
  • boast a full dimming range
  • offer a perfectly controlled true point source beam.
  • are available in 9.5W and 12W with colour temperatures of 2700K or 3000K,
  • have 14, 25 and 36 degree beam angles.

Mark Sait, managing director of says: “Soraa is setting new benchmarks for light quality and SaveMoneyCutCarbon is delighted to be working with such a pioneering manufacturer. With an expanding range, we will be providing a portfolio of larger form factors essential for retail, hospitality and residential applications.”

Nick Farraway, senior vice president – International at Soraa says: “In the much-needed drive for energy-efficiency, we lost sight of a fundamental point: colour is just as important as light. Only Soraa creates GaN on GaN™ lighting products for tomorrow’s general illumination market. Perfect crystals mean perfect light. All Soraa lamps feature 3-phosphor LEDs with violet pump that enable benefits such as Point Source Optics for beautiful, uniform beams of high intensity, Violet 3-Phosphor (VP³) Natural White and VP³ Full-spectrum Vivid Colour, which reveal the magic of whiteness and colours in every environment.”



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